If you`re looking forward to exploring Ottoman Palace cuisine, Asitane restaurant is the right place for you. Ottoman chefs had tradition of keeping the ingredients and cooking method of dishes secret, therefore food culture of Ottoman Empire did not reach to our day in its entirety. But it is well known that in its glorious 700-year history, Ottomans developed unique and immense food culture, combining cultures of Anatolia, Balkans, Middle Asia, Middle East and more.  Ever since 1991, Asitane restaurant aims to discover these magnificent hidden tastes of Ottoman Empire and deliver these to you with their original ingredients and original Ottoman cooking methods. In this tasty quest, they have been using food and dessert expenditure records of Topkapi Palace and Edirne Palace, guest books and record books of important Palace feasts, literary texts of festivals, and old Ottoman dictionaries. Asitane restaurant organizes special meal weeks such as meals from Mehmet the Conqueror Period and Fish and Sea food in Ottoman Palace to reach a better understanding of the culture of the Period. Asitane restaurants wide menu surely has something for your taste. It has the classical tastes like Gerdaniyye, Babagannush and newly discovered tastes like Sea Bass `Biryan`. 

After lunch break, our tour will continue with visit to Topkapi Palace. Topkapi Palace is one of the most visited museums of Istanbul and it contains many collections such as Imperial Treasury, where you will encounter couple of most beautiful jewelries of the world, portraits of the Sultans, Holy relics, silverware and glassware from Byzantine, Ottoman empire and many gifted silverware from all around the world. Our next stop is the outside of Hagia Irene Church, located in the outer courtyard of the Topkapi Palace. The tour ends with visit to Caferaga Medresseh, which was built in 1559 by world known architect Mimar Sinan on the orders of Cafer Aga, during the period of Suleiman the Magnificent, and lastly we will walk around Sogukcesme street, a historic street in Blue Mosque neighborhood, a car free zone with beautiful historic houses. 

Asitane Restaurant is a special opportunity for you to experience Ottoman Palace cuisine. Combined with Istanbul classics tour, it evolves into a wide view of Ottoman living style. Especially in Turkish culture, food is interconnected deeply with how everyday life goes on. Asitane restaurant will develop your touristic visit into time travel to Ottoman period with a breeze of Byzantine heritage as well. 




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