Aret'in Yeri
5 Stars


Aret`in Yeri is a tavern in one of the most famous street of Istanbul, Nevizade. It is a modern tavern, where you can enjoy a nice raki with diverse appetizers, main meals and music. Top quality service and customer satisfaction are key elements of this restaurant. With great effort, it assures that you and your guests will be treated as it was your own home. It is open every day, so join them for a nice evening with your friends and family. 

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Istanbul has many famous streets and they all have its reasons. Nevizade in Taksim is a popular point amongst people in Istanbul and Aret`in Yeri is a nice, warm and friendly restaurant where you can spend a joyful evening with your friends and family. It`s warm atmosphere will show you about sincerity of us.




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