Alancha Istanbul


Alancha offers the tastes of 7 regions. It brings flavor to the tables with its dishes of Anatolian culture. Alancha is centrally located in Macka. Alancha makes presentations to his guests with the delicious tastes of Chef Kemal Can Yurttaş. Alancha is closed on Sundays and is open until 2 pm on other days.

There are 6 types of menu describing the emergence and development of Turkish cuisine, mushroom juice-incense mushrooms, duck-juniper, shrimp-pickled cabbage, bacon, lamb-onion puree, poppy ice cream-cranberry sherbet. The menu consists of starters, hot dishes and main courses with meat dishes. At the end of the meal, you can taste the desserts with lavender or white chocolate.

If you want to explore Istanbul, you can start with Topkapi Palace Tour. You will have a tour full of the magnificent structure of Topkapi Palace and its many sections. You can see the many collections in Topkapı Palace and get information about the collections. You can continue with the with Beyoğlu region. First of all, you can take the Istiklal Street Tour and shop from many stores. You can see many historical buildings on Istiklal Street, which is lively around the clock. After Istiklal Street, you can continue your day with Galata Tour. You can visit Galata Region and wander its narrow streets. You can see Galata Tower closely and be enchanted by the Bosphorus view. You can go to Maçka Park by cable car and take your evening walk.

Alancha will be waiting for you if you want to have a delicious dinner when you come to Maçka. You can spend pleasant hours with the unique tastes of Turkish cuisine. Have a glass of wine and chat with your friends.




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