Agapia Meyhane


Our story started in 2003 in Kadife Street in Kadikoy or as the first tavern of the street with the di Agapia Meyhane diğer which we opened between 18 bars in Barlar Street. We are still working as the first and only pub in Bar Street. We decided to move our experiences in Agapia Meyhane in 2017 to Bahariye Street in Kadıköy. Agapia Mezze is an appetizer paradise that hosts 50 kinds of meze to appeal to the palate of mezeseverler. Our venue is the Ottoman / Turkish Republic, until the Republic of the Aegean / Greek, Armenian, Hatay and Middle Eastern cuisines in accordance with the traditions of the classic types of dishes in the hands of the master, as well as in other taverns you will not find easy, we will add your palate Agapia Mezze'e special appetizers and dishes in our menu keep you gastronomic experience.




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