Siva Cafe Restaurant


Siva Cafe & Restaurant is situated in Fatih, in the middle of Hagia SophiaBlue Mosqueand Turkish and Islamic Art Museum. Since its establishment, they have been preferred by tourists from all over the World, both for its diverse menu and its friendly staff. This restaurant has a familiar and intimate texture, its cozy design makes you feel at home. Its extensive menu hosts many different selections, from variety of kebabs to authentic Ottoman cuisine, from kids’ menu to vegan and vegetarian menus; this restaurant guarantees to fit your taste. Their also diverse alcoholic beverages will also have an option to go along with your food selection. Its excellent location is optimal for you to relax after your fast day in Istanbul.

Blue Mosque area holds majority of the historical heritage, since it was the capital district of the Ottoman Empire. You can discover the old city with our Highlights of Istanbul Tour, you have an unique opportunity to comprehend lifestyle of Ottoman Period. Moreover, you will be informed on history of the Byzantine Empire, which will connect the story of Istanbul. The tour starts with Roman Hippodrome, where the chariot races and occasional festivals were organized during Roman and Byzantine period. Then we will visit Blue Mosque, the iconic Ottoman mosque with 6 minarets. It was built between 1609 and 1616, during reign of Ahmed I, and consists the symbolic tomb of him, a madrasa and a hospice. It is still actively used as a Mosque today, allowing you to pray in the same place where countless Sultans have prayed for hundreds of years. Next we will see the German fountain, gift of Kaiser Wilhelm 2 to Sultan Abdulhamid II. Then, we will visit Hagia Sophia, which is also known as the Church of Divine Wisdom, served as a church for Byzantines for 916 years until Fatih the conqueror conquered Istanbul, he converted this magnificent building into a mosque and it served as a mosque for 482, until Ataturk and the council decided to convert it into a museum in 1935. Before lunch break at a local Turkish restaurant, we will visit Grand Bazaar, where we will explore examples of Turkish handcrafted products ranging from carpets to leather jacket and many souvenirs.

Byzantium Tour is an excellent way to see lifestyles of previous settlers of Istanbul, the Byzantine Empire. It is doubtless that Byzantine Empire’s cultural heritage is as important as Ottoman Empire. It is pointless to deny that Ottomans’ culture took a lot from Byzantine Empire. Ottomans tried to preserve the texture of the city, respected lifestyles of common folk, therefore we can say that Istanbul today is combination of these big Empires. In this tour, you will start with a visit to the Greek Patriarchate at Fener, which is right next to Golden Horn. Golden Horn always had a historical importance for Istanbul, with its strategic geology and inspiring view. Greek Patriarchate is where Great Constantine accepted and announced the declaration of Orthodox Christianity. Then we will visit the Panagia Church, also known as Hagiasma Church of Mother Mary, and we will discover the secret bath of this church. After visiting the religious places of society, we will look at the Anemas Dungeons. Anemas Dungeons are part of the great Blachernae Palace, located near Golden Horn as well. This Palace was constructed with 14 dungeons and 2 basements below sea level, and used as main prison of the Byzantine Empire, where also political prisons were held. Lastly, we will visit the Chora Museum, which was built originally as a Byzantine monastery; its glory is evident from its marvelous mosaics and frescoes from holy Bible, spreading stories of Jesus.

Siva café & Restaurant is a nice restaurant in an excellent location. It opens possibilities to easily discover the Old City. Its wide menu offers a meal for every taste. Its friendly staff and authentic design create a calm atmosphere. You should check this cozy place our in your travel to Istanbul.




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