Panoramic Restaurant


Panoramic restaurant is situated in Old City, located on the seventh floor of Adamar Hotel. It offers a panaromic view of the city, allowing you to enjoy your dinner with magnificent view of the dome of Hagia Sophia, minarets of the Blue Mosquethe Topkapi Palacethe Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea in its all glory. Panoramic restaurant serves true authentic Ottoman cuisine and Anatolian cuisine, their menu includes interesting tastes like mahmudiye, chicken cooked with dried apricots, raisins and apple slices, served with mash potatoes flavored with basil, islim kebab with meatball, beef meatballs wrapped with aubergine, tomatoes, peppers and rice with special sauce, Turkish ravioli stuffed with meat which Kayseri is famous for, and many more. Their menu is wide and involves to 50 different options, just as its panoramic view is wide and involves many historical structures. It is a great way to experience the authentic Ottoman cuisine with Istanbul as your companion. Its chef visits the local Farmers market daily to handpick freshest and best ingredients for their dishes every day.

We believe that you will hear these amazing historical buildings calling you as you eat your meal here. So you can check our Blue Mosque Area Tour where you will discover the heart of the Old City. It is a 4-hour tour with a guide, and you will be walking around old city, exploring Ottoman & Byzantine cultural heritage. You will encounter old Sultanahmet prison, which is now used as a hotel today, and our guides will inform you about trivial facts of how prison system worked in Ottoman Empire, why and how often intellectuals were prisoned in this place. Tour will continue with exploration of old wooden houses, which were the living place of the community, and you will also see mansions of the Ottoman aristocracy. This tour aims to show how Ottoman community used to live, and it will give you an insight on the daily life of Ottomans, and how their traditions shaped their society. 

Or if you prefer to discover some of the historic and iconic shopping places of the city and add a little cruise on Bosphorus, you may be interested in Golden Horn Tour. This is a half-day tour starting with exploration of the iconic Spice Bazaar with guides. There you can explore widely varied spices and herbs of Turkish culture, which will also give you an insight on the formula of the delicious meals in the restaurant. After exploring Spice Bazaar, guides will take you to historic Rustem Pasha Mosque, built by legendary architect Mimar Sinan in the 16th century. Rustem Pasha Mosque is a great example for you to observe cultural heritance of Ottomans combined with Islamic aesthetics. The tour ends with 90 minutes Bosphorus sightseeing, a quick yet breathtaking boat tour of Bosphorus where guides explain historic structures across the city. The tour disembarks near Spice Bazaar.
Of course, walking around the city and exploring interior parts of our cultural heritages are exquisite experiences. But nonetheless having the chance to observe exterior parts of these heritages and observe how each of them fits in the atmosphere of the city is exquisite too. Come to Panoramic Restaurant to have a full sense of how each of these architectural beauties adds texture to the city and turn this into a tasteful dining event with authentic Anatolian cuisine!




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