Gala Pera Restaurant is located on the Galata Bridge with its 100 years of history. Located in the most beautiful part of Istanbul, Gala Pera Restaurant is located on the Karaköy side of the Galata Bridge. If you want to make delicious meals by watching the Bosphorus and Topkapi Palace views, you should choose Gala Pera Restaurant.
The sounds of the seagulls and the wave sounds will accompany you throughout your meal. You should eat delicious fish with experienced craftsmen. The Gala Pera Restaurant offers a variety of fresh fish, delicious appetizers and wine options.

If you want to start a day visiting Beyoğlu, you should join with İstiklal Street Tour. You can wander around Istiklal Street and shop at various shops. You can see many historical buildings and churches on Istiklal Street. You should continue with Galata Tour. Stroll through the narrow streets of Galata and see the Galata Tower up close. You can countine with Topkapi Palace Tour. You will have a tour full of the magnificent structure of Topkapi Palaceand its many sections. You can see the many collections in Topkapı Palace and get information about the collections. You can countine the day with the Hagia Sophia TourHagia Sophia, Byzantine architecture reflects the structure will impress you with the structure. You can listen to the history of Hagia Sophia in your tour guide. The fourth stop should be the Basilica Cistern TourBasilica Cistern, one of the largest cisterns, has a different structure with its mystical atmosphere. Before ending the day, you can wander around Eminönü and do some shopping. You can walk around Galata Bridge.

In the evening, you should prefer the Gala Pera Restaurant for a pleasant meal with city and Bosphorus views. You can fill your table with seafood and fish. You can add flavor to your evening with appetizers.




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