Ceviz Ağacı


Ceviz agaci was opened in Kadikoy, kosuyolu in 2008. With its pleasant atmosphere, unique breakfasts, tasty cuisines offer a remarkable experience. Ceviz Agacı has been changing and developing according to its guests’ recommendations and it is trying to challenge itself. Its wide menu contains special daily pastry products, cookies and biscuits, profiteroles, cakes, hamburgers and many international desserts. With all sugar filled pastries, this place has a sweet atmosphere and spending time here will make you feel better. Having a breakfast at Ceviz Agaci would be a super way to start your day. Situated in Kadıkoy, it is surrounded with an energetic crowd which will also rise you up. Apart from the breakfast and desserts, it also has contemporary international cuisines to ensure you find something for your taste.

Ceviz Ağacı will give you a good energy to wander around the city. If you are on the Asian sideof Istanbul, you can consider our Uskudar & Kadikoy tour. It is a full day tour where you will discover the beauties of the Asian part of the city. You will discover the most famous historic places of Uskudar Kadikoy. Tour starts with a walking tour around the charming Ottoman district, with many cultural heritages such as mosques, historic Ottoman houses, building complexes and more. Our Professional guide will inform you about historical importance and development of these places. After 3 hours of exploring, we will have a lunch break at a local restaurant. Then we will transfer to Kadikoy, which is also known as Chalcedon, meaning city of the blind. This harbor district of the city is equipped with many historical structures as well. Kadikoy is also one of the finest neighborhoods of the city, commonfolk is very friendly and helpful here, streets are always populated and alive, there are music rising from every corner of the district. Even drinking coffee in Kadikoy is joyful. We will discover the narrow streets of this joyful district discover the famous fish market and go to Moda, a beautiful coast of Marmara Sea with lots of green and trees. We will keep on visiting mosques, churches and mansions in this area with our Professional guide. Lastly, we will take a 20-minute boat ride back to European side of the city.

You can also join to  our Pierre Loti Hill tour, which covers sacred local life areas next to Golden Horn, such as Eyup Sultan Mosque, which is one of the most sacred places for muslims. Moving on from this holy and charming place, you will continue to a cable car ride to Pierre Loti. Pierre Loti has a spiffing view of the Golden Horn, there you can enjoy a cup of tea with this amazing view, take many beautiful photographs as a memory. Our last visit is Miniaturk, a miniature place where you can see almost all models of masterpieces of Turkish history. You can observe monuments from different cities of Turkey and even walk on the Bosphorus Bridge! In this tour, you will also be able to shop for souvenirs your family and friends from various local shops.
You need energy to effectively explore the glorious Istanbul. A good breakfast in Ceviz Agaci is an excellent way to start your day, it’s delightful cuisine will boost your day!




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