Cafe Mese


Cafe Mese is a cozy place in the middle of the Old City. It offers fresh juices, coffee and contemporary Turkish cuisine. It is situated near Hagia SophiaBlue Mosque and many more historic beauties. Its elegant interior design boosts your energy as much as fresh juices and coffee does. It is a warm spot to stop by and rest for a while after exploring the Old City.

Old city is magnificent, but it can be difficult and time wasting to wander around without a plan. Our half day Blue Mosque area tour is a good starting point, where you will discover the heart of the Old City. It is a 4-hour tour with a guide, and you will be walking around old city, exploring Ottoman & Byzantine cultural heritage. You will encounter old Sultanahmet prison, which is now used as a hotel today, and our guides will inform you about trivial facts of how prison system worked in Ottoman Empire, why and how often intellectuals were prisoned in this place. Tour will continue with exploration of old wooden houses, which were the living place of the community, and you will also see mansions of the Ottoman aristocracy. This tour aims to show how Ottoman community used to live, and it will give you an insight on the daily life of Ottomans, and how their traditions shaped their society. 

Istanbul’s cultural heritage is remarkably wide and fascinating. Istanbul has been home for many great Empires for thousands of years and its beauty inspired countless musicians, poems, emperors and it keeps on inspiring everyone ever since its establishment. There is no limit on the things you can do, and one lifetime wouldn’t be enough to discover Istanbul in its entirety. But luckily, we can discover some of the remarkable spots from different era, Byzantine Monasteries of Istanbul tour is a fine example of one of these eras. This is an 8-hour tour to explore the greatest Byzantine heritages. We will visit monasteries, homes and ruins with an expert guide and try to enlighten the history together. It is a great opportunity for you to discover principles of Byzantine Empire and see how Byzantine civilization was built, how daily folk used to live and what were the traditions, how was their art, how was their religious rituals and much more. The highlight of the tour is the church of St. Savior of Chora, we know that its magnificent design with mosaics and frescos will amaze you. 
Grand Bazaar Tour offers you to discover one of the largest bazaars in the world. Grand Bazaar is 30,700 square meters with 60 streets and over 4000 shops. Our guide will meet you there and help you explore the top quality, reputable shops with best price-quality offers. You will have a chance to shop for many authentic Turkish souvenirs such as carpets, kilims, jewelry and leather bags, jackets, shoes and more. Shopping in Grand Bazaar tour is a good opportunity for you because our guides are skilled in bargaining and bargaining is an important aspect of Turkish mercantilization. Also, with our guides you will be sure that whatever you choose to buy for yourself, family and loved ones will be authentic, original and worthy of your money.
Café Mese welcomes you on your journey of city exploration. You can have a rest here and refresh yourself with fresh juices, excellent coffees and succulent meals. Our friendly and professional staff will ensure your comfort in our cozy place.




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