Aret'in Yeri
5 Stars


Aret`in Yeri is a tavern in one of the most famous street of Istanbul, Nevizade. It is a modern tavern, where you can enjoy a nice raki with diverse appetizers, main meals and music. Top quality service and customer satisfaction are key elements of this restaurant. With great effort, it assures that you and your guests will be treated as it was your own home. It is open every day, so join them for a nice evening with your friends and family. 

On your visit to Istanbul, we encourage you to visit Archeology Museum, a museum awarded as the museum of the year by the European Council! Archeology Museum consists three main units: the Istanbul Archaeological Museumsthe Ancient Orient Museumand Tiled Kiosk Museum. It embraces more than 1 million historical artifacts from Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman eras and more. The Archeology Museum was founded in 1891 under the name of Imperial Museum, under the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II and commissioned by the famous archeologist, painter and curator Osman Hamdi. Archeology museum holds countless historical artifacts from these different eras like the Sarcophagies of Alexander the Great and King Tabnit. These were unearthed from Lebanon and brought back to Istanbul. The main building was designed and built by the famous architect Alexandre Vallaury. Our guide will escort and inform you in this unique museum, and you will have the joy of discovering ancient relics, art, religious items. One of the most interesting items being exhibited are chains of the Golden Horn. This chain was used as a barricade by Byzantine Empire to prevent Istanbul’s’ conquest by Mehmet. You will also see first examples of an ancient clock, dated back to 1stcentury B.C., this clock made of red stone and has 12 equally distant lines on it. It is amazing to see the journey of time keeping and this emphasizes the importance of time even on ancient eras. Archeology museum is also the home of Hammurabi’s codes. Hammurabi was the sixth king of first Babylonian dynasty, and his world-famous codes of law were written on a 2.23m long stela. Even though some parts of these mesmerizing codes are lost or broken, this still holds a light upon the development of governmental and civil laws of an ancient society and gives us insight on bases of our laws today. The oldest love poem known is also exhibited in Archeology Museum. Approved by Guinness Record Committee, this poem was written around 2037 B.C. History you will find in the Archeology Museum wouldn’t fit here, so if you are interested in story of the humankind, you should visit and observe these peerless artifacts. Our guides will help you in this unique journey and detail whatever you wish to learn!

If you are interested in exploring Istanbul and your goal is to spend your time with different and fun activities, you can check our our Istanbul Fun Combo! This combo includes 3 of the most fun attractions of Istanbul; Sealife, Madame Tussaudsand Xtremaventures. Sealife is the 5th biggest aquarium in the world! You will have the chance to take the underwater safari through 83-meter long ocean tunnel, there are countless new events awaiting you and your children every week. You may have a chance to encounter a zebra shark being calmed by classical music underground! There are many workshops and photographic places where you can take your children and have a nice memoir of them as pirates. Madame Tussauds museum is popular all over the world and now you have an opportunity to see what it contains in Istanbul. In this museum, you will meet and have a picture with countless famous or historic peoples’ wax sculptures. It is a fun experience to stay shoulder to shoulder with world famous physicist Einstein or shake hands with founder of our nation, Ataturk. We don’t want to list and spoil everyone you will encounter in this amazing museum, but we assure that you will meet some of your favorite characters through history!

Istanbul has many famous streets and they all have its reasons. Nevizade in Taksim is a popular point amongst people in Istanbul and Aret`in Yeri is a nice, warm and friendly restaurant where you can spend a joyful evening with your friends and family. It`s warm atmosphere will show you about sincerity of us.




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