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The good taste is hidden in "details"... 
The extraordinary tastes of Antakya are brought to you by Antiochia in Istanbul. Antiochia in Asmalı Mescit Minare Street is the right address to try out Antakya's special wraps, şiş kebabs, appetizers and desserts. Antakya: Ezan, church bells, autumn...An ancient city that embraces different religions and cultures. In ancient times known as the second largest city in the world, Antakya has hosted many different cultures peacefully for centuries; thus, presenting us with the one of the world's most exquisite cuisines. 

What's in Antiochia? There is the indispensable Dürüm (wrap). It's not just a wrap; from its meat to its special spices, sauce and pepper paste, every ingredient is carefully chosen and brought from Antakya.
Asmali Mescit is a popular street amongst citizens and tourists. We recommend you check our İstiklal street tour, then have an iconic dining experience in the Antiochia Restaurant. Taksim tour starts with you meeting our guides, then they will accompany you on the discovery of the many little side streets of İstiklal street. There you will have the advantage of exploring many historic buildings and many souvenir shops. Taksim street has been one of the most famous streets of Istanbul, attracting millions of tourists every year. Taksim Street is the home of many historical buildings, embassies, fancy hotels, theatres, restaurants and many international and local shops. This is a half-day tour, where you will discover beauties of Taksim street and have a chance to chat with our guide about background of Taksim and you will be equipped with trivial facts about certain historic structures. You will also visit the magnificent Armenian and Romanic churches and explore the breath-taking environment. 

After discovering Taksim, you can join to 4 hours of Bosphorus cruise. This is a half-day tour starting with exploration of the iconic Spice Bazaar with guides. There you can explore widely varied spices and herbs of Turkish culture, which will also give you an insight on the formula of the delicious meals in the restaurant. After exploring Spice Bazaar, guides will take you to historic Rustem Pasha Mosque, built by legendary architect Mimar Sinanin the 16th century. Rustem Pasha Mosque is a great example for you to observe cultural heritance of Ottomans combined with Islamic aesthetics. The tour ends with 90 minutes Bosphorus sightseeing, a quick yet breathtaking boat tour of Bosphorus where guides explain historic structures across the city. The tour disembarks near Spice Bazaar.

Or you can be interested in Greek Orthodox district tour. One aspect of Istanbul’s beauty comes from existence of folks from different ethnicities, religions living peacefully together. Istanbul embraced and keeps embracing these different people for over thousands of years and in this way, there are no other city in the world alike. Fener is a district where Greek Orthodox population of the city has lived until the 20thcentury and it holds many historic churches and historical buildings for you to discover. In this tour you will see an ancient Byzantine church, which is unique because it is the only church made of iron and steel in the world. Our guides will show you many of the touristic beauties of this districts where you will encounter palaces, pavements, Greek houses. Cultural importance of this area is emphasized by the fact that they are under the protection of UNESCO.

The abundance of tastes" resulting from the different culinary cultures within Antakya leaves its marks on visitors' minds. The local olive oil, mountain thyme, also known as Zahter, famous Antakya olives, cheese and spices are combined with a cuisine influenced by Syrian, Lebanese, Ottoman and French. The colored cubes in Antiochia's logo symbolize the different cultures and diversity of Antakya. One symbolizes religions, second the food and third the mosaic museum. 




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