1924 İstanbul


With its dashing style, 1924 Istanbul projects you back to the roaming 20s. The restaurant was originally founded by Russians fleeing the Bolshevik revolution, known as ‘Rejans’. During those years, the restaurant had hosted many celebrities including Agatha Christie, Alfonso XIII the king of the Spain, and Mustafa Kemal, the founder of Turkish Republic.

Entertainment Group restored the restaurant with its original decor. They haven’t spared their attention even from the tiniest detail, and reconstructed a trademark from past century. They gracefully rename the restaurant as “1924 Istanbul”.

The restaurant provides you the experience of multiculturalism that has always pervaded Istanbul throughout history. As you step in, Russian culture charmingly embrace you through authentic Russian music with live musicians playing the harp, piano and accordion. The music complements the nostalgic atmosphere the restaurant creates.

The menu includes old Eastern European favorites with few modern twists. The selection includes Russian borscht, piroshki, beef stroganoff, kievsky and faberge. Beverage selection includes a variety of infused vodkas, and fantastic cocktails.

If you like to experience more of the diversity of cultures that reside in the heart of Istanbul, you can join Galata Tour, that covers the magical surroundings of Galata. With a professional English speaking guide, the tour gathers around Galata Tower, the most important trademarks around the area.

Galata Tower was built under the name of “Tower of Christ” in 1348 during Genoese expansion in Constantinople, in Byzantine times. After the conquest, it has been used as a tower to spot fires in the city by the Ottomans. It had served for different purposes as well; according to Ottoman historian Evliya Çelebi, a man named Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi flew across Bosphorus towards Anatolian side with artificial wings from Galata Tower!

The tour then covers the surroundings of the tower; synagogs, churches, historical hospitals, bank buildings, schools and ancient wars, all combined with vibrant vibe of contemporary Istanbul. The guide will be telling you stories, myths and legends that has born out of the very same neighborhood.

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1924 Istanbul will grant you the chance of “tasting and experiencing a piece of history”, just like many spots within Istanbul. All yours to explore!




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