Coffee Sapiens


Karaköy has become one of the most popular districts of Istanbul in recent years. As a customer profile, a young and dynamic section prefers Karaköy. It has a friendly and warm atmosphere that is suitable for coffee culture and customers are open to innovation and difference. The Masjid of the Kılıç Ali Paşa Mosque, where we are located, fits our concept with the quality and authenticity of the street spaces. The location of each space in a separate area attracts customers in terms of diversity. Karaköy Branch, which has a very small area, was completely redesigned with the touch of Architect Asuman Köroğlu. In addition to the areas where you can drink coffee in your room, we tried to make the coffee making a coffee shop that is compatible with the coffee and the coffee shop where our customers can communicate with the barista. In addition to Espresso-based beverages, we use the special brewing varieties to brew the coffee in its most natural form and try to bring out the aromas in the most perfect way.




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