What is a Fish Sandwich?

Fish sandwich, which means "Balık Ekmek" in Turkish, is a street delicacy developed by the adaptation of the seafood and fishing industry, which is very common in the country, to daily life. Balık ekmek, whose price varies between 5 and 30 Turkish liras, became popular in the Black Sea region and then spread all over the country. Fish sandwich, a dish that seafood lovers can often find in the country, is sold in different sizes.

According to your request, it offers a wonderful taste with grilled fish and various ingredients placed between quarter, half, or whole bread. Balık ekmek, a dish that first casts doubt on foreign tourists visiting the country but then amazes with its taste, has become one of the indispensable parts of Turkish cuisine for years.

What are the Ingredients of a Fish Sandwich?

The main ingredients of a fish sandwich, which fascinates tourists with its taste, are, of course, fish. Other ingredients in the bread are determined according to your taste. Norwegian mackerel is the most preferred fish in this street food, which is quite healthy. In addition, you can add greens to the bread and diversify your snack according to your taste. Onion, which is among the most preferred additional ingredients, creates a feast of taste for visitors by blending its sharp taste with the taste of fish. 

At the same time, parsley turns fish into an excellent flavor with its unique taste. Balık ekmek, the source of the fame of the fishermen of Eminönü district, is one of the fast-food street delicacies that must be eaten in Istanbul. This snack, which has a beautiful smell and taste, is loved and preferred in Istanbul and all over Turkey.

What to eat with Balık Ekmek?

The Turkish drink raki is one of the most consumed beverages besides fish dishes. Raki, widely consumed with fish and bread, is among the indispensables of pleasant meetings by the sea in the evenings. In addition, regional ingredients such as ayran, milk, and turnip are among the preferred healthy drinks besides fish and bread. These drinks, mainly preferred by young people, are widely consumed throughout the country as street snacks during the day. This healthy street flavor, which is perfect with various appetizers and dishes such as beans, is the fresher the fish used, the more delicious it is. Fish sandwich, whose ingredients you can customize according to your taste, is one of the unforgettable flavors you should definitely eat when you come to Turkey.

Fish sandwich, which is among the indispensables of Turkish street delicacies as well as raki tables, is obtained from various fish cooked on the grill. This flavor, in which you can put different kinds of fish according to your taste, offers you a satisfying feast of taste. Street delicacies, in which Turkish culinary culture is carried to the west, carry the fast food habits of the west to daily life. These street delicacies, which appeal to everyone from seven to seventy, are exhibited on the streets in every district of Istanbul. 

Street delicacies, which are brought together with their loved ones with a caravan and mobile shop models, start to be sold in the early hours of the morning and continue until the late hours of the night. It is quite possible to come across fish and bread restaurants open 24 hours a day, seven days a week in Istanbul.

Where Can I Eat the Fish Sandwich?

Istanbul, where street flavors are famous, and a rush prevails throughout the city, is also renowned for its proximity to the Bosphorus and the famous fresh fish dishes in the city. Istanbul, a cultural bridge, is also one of the rare cities where people from all parts of the country live today. Fish sandwiches, which entered Turkish culture with the spread of street food, became a different flavor with fresh fish and the pleasure made next to the Bosphorus. Eminönü is the district with the most fish and bread shops, which you can find in almost every district close to the sea. 

Eminönü, which is flooded by many touristic places and tourists worldwide, is quite famous for its tiny fish restaurants and street delicacies next to the Bosphorus. This place, which is flooded by shopping enthusiasts, is also one of the places where small mobile fishermen sell a lot. At the same time, Ortaköy is one of the districts where you can eat fish and bread while sitting with your loved ones and enjoying the Bosphorus. Known for being hearty, balık ekmek is also quite healthy. This food, which is a complete source of Omega-3, can be consumed as a snack. Balık ekmek, which is the perfect combination of hearty bread and delicious fish, whets the appetite of visitors with its fragrant smell. 

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Frequently Asked Question

What fish is common in Turkey?
One of the most common fish in Turkey is bluefish, or hamsi.
What seafood is in Turkey?
ın Turkey, you can find fish, mussels, oysters— even squid and shrimp!
What is Cupra fish in English?
Cupra in Turkish translates to Gilt-head Bream in English.
Do they eat fish in Turkey?
Yes, many coast areas in Turkey consume fish regularly.
Where do they eat fish in Istanbul?
You can eat fish in Istanbul in coastal areas in many restaurants with a Bosphorus view.