Mikla opened in October 2005. The initial idea was to create a refined but contemporary Istanbul Restaurant. Both the menu and the general feel of the restaurant reflect the Turkish cuisine in the Istanbul background of Mehmet Gürs, the Chef-Owner who pioneered the contemporary restaurant in Istanbul when he moved here in 1996. With its outstanding food, breathtaking view, proper service, and inspiring music, Mikla has instantly voted the best restaurant in Istanbul and continues to enjoy raving local and international reviews.
At the end of extensive research and a dedicated creative process, Mikla launched its visionary Anatolian kitchen in 2012. In this new approach, traditional and true ‘noble’ products are treated with utmost respect while being transformed with a blend of new and ancient techniques.
Ingredients from Istanbul and throughout Turkey are carefully sourced and selected, “mostly humble”, and not necessarily fancy, but they are interpreted with the utmost respect. At the core of each search lies an understanding of the land, its traditions, and its people.
The restaurant is funky retro with chrome ’70s and 50’s furniture and a stunning wooden rail-sleepers bar.”

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The magical views over the city stretch to the Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi Palace where you almost travel back through time to the heart of the Old Istanbul. You can taste the delicious Turkish food at Mikla after an extensive Istanbul old city tour where you will have a great half-day in Istanbul. The tour will start the day from Roman Hippodrome, where the chariot races were organized by the Romans and Byzantines. And then, we will be visiting Blue-Mosque which is the only mosque with six minarets and one of the most majestic Ottoman mosques in all of Turkey.
After that, we will see the German Fountain - a gift of Kaiser Wilhelm 2 and our guide will tell the stories of his liaison with the orient. 
Now, it’s time to see the highlight of this day, Hagia Sophia, which is known as The Church of Divine Wisdom.
As the last activity of our tour, we will go to shop in Grand Bazaar for demonstration of Turkish Handcrafts.

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Mikla Restaurant will make you feel special! you will enjoy every single moment of your time with a breathtaking view and amazing food.