Traditional Gifts In Istanbul

Who would have thought that shopping in Istanbul could be so enjoyable? In Istanbul, there are many chances and gifts that you can buy for your friends and loved ones that will make an imprint in their hearts, making them want to learn about your experiences in the city and visit one day with you to share the most beautiful moments! 

Istanbul has a wide range of souvenirs that you can buy and bring back to your home country to give as valuable and delicious gifts to associates and relatives, whether it’s famous handicrafts, goods, and handcrafted items in Istanbul or famous food in Istanbul, and the options for purchasing these types of gifts are limitless. 

Lambs from Turkey 

Turkish lambs are a wonderful memento if you enjoy light and bright colors. Turkish lanterns are the most prominent decorating element in Grand Bazaar stores in general. They exist in every color, pattern, style, shape, and size, from the tiniest to those that are office-type, comparable to candlesticks or vases. 

As you go through the corridors of the Grand Bazaar, you’ll notice that it’s completely dark, which attracts your attention to the bright colors of the lamps and urges you to buy them as a memento. 

Kilims and Carpets

The bright colors of the carpets and kilims for sale will catch your eye as you stroll through the Grand Bazaar‘s carpet market. You will definitely want to buy Turkish rugs and kilims as a memento to give an exotic flavor to your living space. 

The ancient skill of weaving beautiful Turkish carpets is a long-standing tradition in Turkey that dates back to the Ottoman era. It is a skill passed down from generation to generation. Each region of Turkey has its unique carpet style, and samples of Turkish carpets in all types may be seen at the Grand Bazaar. Kilims are a more traditional form that is woven in a range of sizes, the most popular and easiest to carry in a travel bag being 2×1 meters or smaller. 

Iznik Tiles

Since Ottoman times, Istanbul has been renowned for its production of Iznik tiles, which are colorful pieces of tile or pottery in dark red and blue hues that can still be seen in old historical mosques and museums as a testimony to the brightest historical periods. There are still numerous artisans in Turkey who are preserving this old business that has been handed down through centuries. Many Iznik Tiles may be seen at Topkapi Palace! 


To pass the time in Turkey, smoking hookah is still a popular hobby. A hookah in your house will not only add an oriental flavor to your furnishings, but it will also offer an interesting opportunity to speak with your visitors, even if they aren’t casual smokers. The Grand Bazaar is home to hundreds of shisha stores. There are hookahs with colorful inscriptions and a variety of unique designs, comparable to candles. 

Turkish Delights

Lokum is often considered as the symbol of Turkish sweets. Lokum is an excellent Grand Bazaar gift since it invites friends and family back home to try one of Turkey’s most unique desserts. Many Grand Bazaar stores sell these western treats in a variety of forms and tastes. We recommend that you try several tastes before buying them so that you may negotiate over the final price. The finest lokum may be found in Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar!