This article may assist you in determining which choice is best suited to your requirements and goals. Regardless of where you go, all of these choices offer the finest Istanbul places to see throughout your vacation. 


Alternatively, you may opt to rent a home in the city, near to everything! In such scenario, you will have a plethora of options. You may rent a home anywhere from Kadikoy to Taksim, or even farther afield. First, consider the locations where you may rent a summer home just outside of downtown Istanbul. These are the finest locations to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 


Your first choice for a vacation home may be in the Kilyos area, which is near to the Black Sea. Kilyos district is like a little village full with lovely people. Fresh fruits and vegetables are constantly available in the local market in Istanbul, and the natural beauty with Bosphorus is an added benefit. When you rent a summer home in Kilyos, you may go camping in Istanbul with your family and friends because of its magnificent woods. In Kilyos hamlet, you can also visit the Genoese castle, which was rebuilt during the Ottoman period and is a wonderful place to go for historical research. Kilyos neighborhood is the perfect option for you in your research of villas in Istanbul if you wish to enjoy peaceful and fascinating rural life. 


Sariyer is by far your most luxury choice. The Sariyer area has nicely designed homes with stunning sea views. If you want to purchase a luxury villa in Istanbul, you can look at the Sariyer neighborhood, where you can swim and relax on the beach. Sariyer also has several luxury cafés and restaurants where you may dine with your family and friends on the finest cuisine in Istanbul. During your trip to Istanbul, you may also see the Rumeli Fortress and the Belgrad Forest. 

Now, let’s have a look at some of the finest locations to rent a home in Istanbul. Based on security, culture, and people, these districts are people’s first choice. In Istanbul, there are numerous affluent neighborhoods. 


This district on Istanbul’s Asian side is known for its vibrant ambiance and busy city life, as well as its ancient structures. It is notable for housing a variety of attractions, cultural events, and arts, as well as serving as a significant transit and retail hub in Istanbul. In the surrounding neighborhood, there are many retail malls, cafés, bars, and high- and low-end restaurants. Kadikoy is one of Istanbul’s most well-known and varied districts. 


Atasehir is a western suburban area on Istanbul’s Asian side that is distinguished by a transportation network, a modern road, luxury and modern public amenities, and numerous recreational areas, as well as a transportation network, a modern road, luxury and modern public amenities, and numerous recreational areas. Many foreigners now choose to live in Atasehir due to the district’s excellent quality of living. While there are no major monuments in Atasehir, it is one of the finest locations to live in Istanbul. If you want to rent a home in an affluent neighborhood in Istanbul, Atasehir should be your first choice!