The First Question That Comes To Everyone’s Minds Is Can I Find A Job In Turkey?

Yes! You can definitely find a job as many others do, because the Turkish government has opened doors for foreigners to work or invest in Turkey and actually simplified the working permits for people.

The Next Question That Comes To Your Mind Is Where Can I Find A Job?

Although job opportunities are mostly available in the main three cities Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir but you can still find a job in other cities. Finding a job in Turkey is strongly connected to your experience and education, the more experience you have the higher salary and more opportunities you get, and the higher educational level you are at the higher salary and more opportunities you get.

Keep the following rule in your mind: the more languages you speak the more companies offer you a job. Some companies ask for a Turkish language speaker while others do not care about the Turkish language especially Language school, Tourism companies, and Real Estate agencies.

What Opportunities Can I Expect In Turkey?

Just like any other country, there are some fields that are full of job opportunities and other fields that have limited job opportunities.

If you are foreign so you speak a different language for sure, you can search for Native speakers jobs in Language schools. For example, there is a huge demand on English Native speakers – especially teachers – for teaching English in Language schools, Public schools, and both public and private universities.

The reason for this huge demand on Native speakers in Turkey is parents, because Turkish parents feel more satisfied to expose their children to education with Native speakers to catch the right way of speaking and to interact with a different culture to get stronger.

Another place where you can find yourself working at is Real Estate Agencies. The construction movement in Turkey has been and still growing as the demand for houses is growing not only for locals but for foreigners also. If you have a good experience in the Real Estate field or at least you believe that you have the talent to sell customers, then you are an attractive candidate especially if you speak more than one language. In general, the salaries are low because agencies give commissions for each sale you do, sometimes it goes up to 10%. So it is worth working there.


International organizations like UN and other organizations offer a lot of job opportunities for foreigners, some opportunities require a Turkish language and some do not but in both cases, working with such organizations is a great opportunity because you can grow with them and get bigger all you need to do is to show that you are worth it, but it is important to know that working in an NGO or other international organization is not easy and requires a high level of disciplency and commitments.

So make sure to take your time thinking about what you can really give before applying.

What if i don’t have experience but still want to work in turkey, do i have an opportunity?

Of course, you can work in Tourism field at one of the tourism agencies. Since you speak a foreign language, you can work as a guide with a group from your country. It is very fun job and if you are smart enough, you can make a lot of money

Here Are Some Important Things You Should Know Before Applying:

Most companies meet you in two interviews, the first one is to know more about you and what you are expecting from them, while the second one is to talk about company’s rules and offered salary.

Make sure to ask for a higher salary than you actually want, because companies tend to offer less salary than you want to protect themselves in case you do not have enough experience but if you have what it takes, do not worry ask for what you think is good.

In any case, there might be some negotiations over the salary.

Make sure that your working permit is immediately applied for not to be put in trouble.