Your investment is shaped by factors such as your budget, borrowing limit, and expected profits time frame. Considering the city’s investment and demographic possibilities has an impact on your performance. To make the appropriate investment in Istanbul, it is critical to keep an eye on the pulse of the city. 

It is beneficial to monitor the projects that have been planned and begun to be constructed in Istanbul in recent years in order to benefit. Aside from initiatives like the Canal Istanbul, 3rd Bridge, 3rd Airport, and Northern Marmara Highway, investments like two new city centers and city hospitals may turn into possibilities with the proper moves. In addition to major projects, hotels, schools, and retail malls provide opportunities for profit in real estate investing. In this context, the investor must assess the regions where new transportation lines might result in urban change. In light of these changes, there are many areas in Istanbul where you may invest in real estate


Pendik/Kurtköy offers real estate developments for all income levels and is gaining popularity. It is near to Sabiha Gokcen Airport and transit routes, and it is particularly appealing to international investors due to its closeness to Adalar and general convenience. 


Sancaktepe has a significant investment value since it is situated on Sabiha Gokcen Airport connection roads, the TEM motorway, and the TEM-Kartal connection roads. It is expected that sales of residential and commercial real estate would rise since it is one of the departure locations on the Anatolian side of Istanbul


The region has begun to acquire prominence as a result of new real estate developments and rapid urban transit initiatives. It is near to the city center, yet because to its open spaces, forests, and quiet surroundings, it is popular with international investors. Its worth is increasing due to developments like as the 3. bridge connecting roads, the Üsküdar-ekmeköy metro line, and the Northern Marmara Motorway


Başakşehir, situated on Istanbul’s European side, has become one of the most appealing locations for both local and international investors to purchase real estate. Modern buildings offer the greatest levels of comfort as well as social, cultural, health, and educational amenities that set them apart in this investment sector. Furthermore, this investment location is the nearest to Istanbul Airport. With its vast housing complexes and leisure spaces, Başakşehir-Bahçeşehir is one of the best locations in Istanbul to purchase property


Maslak, situated on Istanbul’s European side, is an investment hub and one of the city’s most active real estate development districts. As one of Istanbul’s business centers, there are numerous ultra-luxurious homes and towers. The Kathane area has lately acquired prominence due to its close proximity to Maslak and Levent. Maslak is well-known for its residential developments and retail centers. 


Because of its position, Esenyurt has long been a desirable area, and it continues to maintain its worth and sales interest. Particularly the Sultangazi and Bagcilar provinces, which are growing in terms of investment value and profit due to new, high-quality real estate developments. Esenyurt is conveniently located near all modes of transportation and has the potential for high returns on investment and rental yields.

Other than these areas, Kadikoy and Taksim stays the favorite among many people who want to buy a house in Istanbul. You can check these locations too, but the areas we have listed are among the best districts that will gain value in upcoming years.