Everything you need to know about establishing a bank account in Turkey is right here. If you are in Istanbul, and apart from exploring beautiful attractions, you want to open a bank account while you are there, here are the steps.


What Documents Do I Need To Open A Bank Account In Turkey?

Each bank’s account opening procedure will be somewhat different, however, you may anticipate being asked for the following: 

Tax Identification Number Republic of Turkey Valid Passport This may be obtained through the Finance and Tax Office. 

Proof of address – often a recent energy bill or rental agreement 

You will also be required to fill out a proof of signature form. 

Fortunately, Turkey’s major retail banks offer excellent websites with English translations. Examine the website of your preferred bank to ensure you have a good understanding of the papers you’ll need to bring with you to the branch. 

Can Foreigners Open Turkish Bank Account?

Your choices for opening a Turkish bank account from abroad will be determined by the kind of account you wish to create and whether or not you already have a Turkish residency permit. The main banks mentioned below provide banking products to both local residents and foreign customers, and can explain the choices and procedures accessible to you. All of them have English-speaking personnel. 

Opening a Turkish bank account as a non-resident is more difficult, but it is still doable. Banks will be more willing to assist you if you deposit a big sum of money. Similarly, residence is not typically needed to establish a foreign currency account. Expats in Turkey advise asking questions and being prepared to compromise if you don’t have the precise papers required. The primary problem is obtaining a Republic of Turkey Tax Identification Number, which is needed by most banks in order to establish an account. You may get this as a non-resident, but seek advice from your bank on the best way to proceed. Your preferred bank may be able to assist you with your application. 

Which Bank To Choose?

There are many banks you can choose from. If you are in Istanbul, you will find many bank offices in central areas like Taksim or Kadikoy.  This includes customer assistance in English and other foreign languages, as well as goods designed specifically for expats’ requirements. In addition, several foreign banks are present in Turkey. If it is more convenient for you, you may be able to move your existing account to your home bank’s Turkish branch. Each bank has its unique procedure for opening a new account, so look up the specifics online. If you wish to work with an English-speaking member of staff, you need make an appointment with the bank. Some banks, on the other hand, can assist you with questions and paperwork needs over the phone.