Nowadays, the Turkish baths or “hamam” is famous all around the world specially in Istanbul city because it has some historical baths that go back to Ottoman Empire’s period and still in its old structure but more beautiful and maybe the most relaxing thing to do a Turkish bath is having a massage by a professional masseuse. In fact, massages became a famous thing in Istanbul and a lot of centers are now offering massage service  not just Turkish baths but the Turkish traditional massage is different. The clients gather in big steamed chambre and sit or lay on a warm marble and the masseuses will massage them using hot water, soap, and loofah and don’t worry you will not be naked because men clients wear bath-wrap that cover lower area of their bodies while for women they wear a longer one.

Here are some of the best massage centers in Istanbul:

Kiliç ali paşa hamami:

It was constructed between 1578-1583  and considered the most famous Turkish bath in Istanbul and even Turkey. Massaging there in this bath is different from what you know, you will be massaged by a professional masseuse in a big steamed chambre while you lay down on a warm marble, the masseuse will massage you on the traditional Turkish way using warm water and soap to clean you up while massaging. it is really relaxing and professional.

After finishing, you can move to another chambre where you can cool down and have a hot Turkish coffee.

The staff working in Kılıç ali paşa hamamı is polite and professional and the bath itself is very clean and historical also, so you will be extremely relaxed there.


Ayasofya hürrem sultan hamami:

Ayasofya Hurrem Sultan Hammam, Istanbul. Stall with fruit on the background of the Hammam Hurrem Sultan in autumn

Located near Hagia Sophia Hurrem Sultan Hamami was constructed in the 16th century by famous Turkish architecture Sinan. This bath is considered the most luxurious bath in Turkey and serve both men and women on different times. The massage in this bath goes on the traditional Turkish way but more relaxing since masseuses use additional products for more quality service. Ayasofya Hurrem Sultan bath is known for its clean environment and expert staff. The basic bath here will cost you around 60 Dollars.

Kadirga tarihi turk hamami:

Old but gold. This is the best phrase to describe this place, it is a small old hamam that offer service to locals more than foreigners but the service itself is very professional and the staff might be among the best in this business, the hamam is really clean and the masseuses are experts. The hamam is located in Fatih district at the heart of Istanbul city  and it is really cheap compared to other hamams.

Great, but what if am not a fan of the Turkish hamams?

Well, in this case you would miss an amazing experience, but you would still have spas:

Space day spa:

Located in Kadikoy District on the Asian side of Istanbul. This spa is very famous one in Istanbul because it offers varied types of massages such bai massage, swiss massage, the special massage for pregnant women, and many other types of massages but its special “space romantic massage” is probably the most relaxing one of them.

Space Day Spa’s staff are experts and the spa itself is clean and relaxing you will absolutely have a satisfying experience there but make sure to bring a fat wallet..

Spa intercontinental istanbul:

Professional, calm, and absolutely well designed. These three words are enough to describe such amazing spa.

First thing comes first, the money you are going to pay are a lot so make sure to bring what you have been saving while for massage, it worth every single pennie you already paid to get it.

The rooms are designed to put you in a calm mood, no matter what stress you have been through you will absolutely forget about it. You can choose one of many types of massages because the list is full of it.

Spa InterContinental is located in Beyoglu district right next to Taksim Square.

So if you got tired of walking around the city with your friends, finish your day with a relaxing massage, it is the best way to finish your day.