You’ll see many people who had hair transplant in Turkey! Those men have undoubtedly undergone hair transplantation surgery recently. They are on their way to permanently resolving the baldness problem. 

According to recent studies and surveys, more than 4 million hair transplant surgeries are performed worldwide each year, with Istanbul accounting for a significant portion of this demand as a world-famous destination for medical tourism and visitors who come not only for hair transplant operations but also for a variety of other cosmetic surgery in Istanbul and dental treatments. Pattern hair loss is no longer a challenge for both men and women who are suffering baldness or thinning hair, thanks to the new hair transplant treatments and therapies used in Istanbul Hair Transplant clinics and hospitals. They will now regrow their hair and improve their look with a single simple operation. In the last ten years, Istanbul hair transplant has been the go-to destination for hair transplants in western European countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

Why People Choose Istanbul For Hair Transplant?

Every year, over 250 thousand people travel to Istanbul from all over the world to get their hair restored and their baldness problems resolved. The reason for this is that Istanbul has some of the finest and most qualified hair transplant surgeons in the world, as well as the most modern hair transplant procedures, hospitals, and clinics. When you undergo hair restoration surgery in Istanbul, you can be assured that you are in the best possible hands.

What is the right hair transplant technique for me? This is a question that many people have. The solution is straightforward! Both hair transplant procedures are effective, but your hair condition and baldness pattern will determine which technique is better for you. Keep in mind that this decision can only be made by speaking with the doctor. In Istanbul, the most modern hair transplant procedures are used by the most advanced clinics and hospitals.

The most advanced hair transplant clinics and hospitals in Istanbul offer a variety of hair transplant techniques and procedures, but the FUE (Follicular unit extraction) and DHI (Choi Pen) hair transplant techniques are the most common and effective.

Visit Istanbul’s Historical Spots!

While you are there for your hair transplant surgery in Istanbul, you should and must check the beautiful city of culture and history! Being a bridge between two continents, city of Istanbul does more than granting access to advantageous and easy hair transplant. You can do lot more in the city! There are many landmarks in Istanbul, all of them being wordwide known attractions. You can go sightseeing in Istanbul and visit this famous mosque. You can also experience the glorious Ottoman culture since Istanbul has been the capital of Osmanli Empire for centuries. You will be shocked by the amount of historical landmarks in Istanbul when you come here for surgery.

We would advise you to visit the Grand Bazaar, where you can find beautiful and rare souvenirs for your loved ones such as Lokum and Turkish tiles. You can also visit Sultanahmet, where many of the historical spots in Istanbul lay. If you visit Sultanahmet where Blue Mosque lays, most of your Istanbul journey is done! Moreover, you can have a dinner cruise on Bosphorus and be mesmerized by the beautiful city in night.