Pyxis is such a system that was developed for easier access to medication in hospitals. The medication is distributed from a central point in the hospital, and the benefits of the system do not end here. Since each patient has their own prescriptions that determine the medication as well as doses of this specific medication, Pyxis makes sure that the patient has access to the exact thing they need. This is a safe system that has been applied to certain hospitals in Turkey. Medipol University I Hospital is one of these hospitals that use this system for almost 20 twenty years. In case of a wrong medication or a right dose, the system alerts the hospital staff and corrects the medication mistakes before they are committed. The system also keeps a record of the medications each patient needs. This helps the hospital staff in two ways: it saves time from counting the stock, and it also saves the patients from unwanted situations like an absence of medication.


  • A technological system that oversees medications in hospitals.
  • A safe system that distributes medication in hospitals from a central point.
  • A system that enables the hospital staff to access the necessary medication quickly.
  • Pyxis system that manages and controls the necessary doses of medications for each patient.
  • A system that warns the staff in case of a mistake in the medication dose or kind.

Your healing process is in the steady hands of technology thanks to Pyxis!

Taking medication is one of the most important steps in the healing process. This step may begin in the hospital if the patient stays there. In such cases, the medication is distributed by the hospital staff, but commuting between the hospital’s pharmacy department and the patients is as exhausting as it is time consuming. That is why, a number of hospitals in Turkey have Pyxis systems that oversee the medication distribution inside the hospital. This system works with the information of the patients about the necessary medication and the right dose. Rather than a commute between pharmacy and patient, the hospital staff has access points to medication from a central distribution system. The system not only distributes correctly, but it also alerts the hospital staff in case of an error in taking the medicine. The staff is warned if they take the wrong medicine or they take the wrong dose. As the system oversees this medication distribution, it also keeps a record of the medication stock, which prevents running out of medication in terms of emergencies

Frequently Asked Question

What is Pyxis?
Pyxis is a technologically advanced system in distributing medication to the patients in hospitals that saves the time of the hospital staff as well as keeping the record of the medication stock in the hospital.
Is Pyxis system in work in hospitals in Turkey?
There is a number of hospitals in Turkey that use the Pyxis system, the lead of these hospitals is the Medipol University Hospital.
Is Pyxis system in hospitals safe to use?
It is a technological system that gives the correct medication and the right dose of it for the patient as well as warning the hospital staff in case of a problem or wrong medication.