As a country that prides itself on kindness and respect, Turkey is a country that respects the elderly greatly. This respect also brings about some benefits for the elderly as they are treated with utmost care in hospitals and nursing homes. The Republic of Turkey tries to make life easier for the elderly who need care and observation, and that is why it establishes state-funded nursing homes for them. These nursing homes provide geriatric services for the elderly not only in a medical sense but also provide psychological help as well as social activities. There are more than 400 centers for geriatric services in Turkey that belong to the state, but there are also private establishments for the elderly that can provide even vacations for the residents. In addition to these nursing homes, the elderly in Turkey can apply to home care and the state appoints a doctor that visits the house weekly. There are also professional carers for the elderly that monitor their lives and make them easier through their care as well as friendship.


  •  Assistance for the elderly in state-funded nursing homes.
  • Utmost respect for the elderly in Turkey.
  • More than 400 centers for geriatric services were established by the state.
  • Private establishments that offer geriatric services with intensive care.
  • Professional carers for the elderly that offer help in the old person’s own home.

Your golden age is in good hands in Turkey!

The Republic of Turkey is a country that is established on codes like kindness and respect. These concepts are seen especially in daily relations with the elderly. The country offers intensive care for the elderly that monitors even the medication of the elderly person. There are more than 400 nursing homes that offer geriatric services for them. These geriatric service centers are established by the state and offer both medical and social help for the elderly. As these centers are state-funded, they can have some limitations in the care of the elderly but what they offer to covers almost all parts of care for the elderly as they include various benefits from monitoring medication and access to doctors to special social activities. What the state nursing homes are not able to offer are offered plentily in private geriatric service establishments as some of them can even prepare vacations for the elderly. There are also professional carers that accompany the elderly who do not want to stay in a geriatric service center in their own homes. Home care can even include special family practitioners to visit the elderly on a weekly basis. As these, all show, life for the elderly who need assistance is as good as it can get

Frequently Asked Question

Are there geriatric services in Turkey for the elderly who need assistance?
The country have both state and private geriatric service centers that offer care for the elderly
What are home care options in Turkey?
There are professional carers in Turkey that offer help for the person in need in their own homes. If the elderly wish, they can apply for home care by the state, upon which family practitioner doctors visit them on a weekly basis.
What is the difference between state and private geriatric service centers?
The nursing homes of the state offer help to the elderly up to a certain limit as far as the yearly budget of the country allows. However, the private centers for the elderly cover all parts of the elderly’s life for a better care. They offer intensive care that can even include yearly vacations for the elderly’s social and mental health.