It was not hard to sell and spread Turkish jewelry all over the world because of the international traders who used to sell what they brought from India, China, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Europe and also buy products from Turkey to sell again in the country they came from. Thus, selling jewelry in Istanbul was not hard especially that it was and still among the best jewelries in the world.

Today, the jewelry business has grown even more and you can find gold. Silver, and other jewelries almost everywhere in Istanbul

So if you are thinking of buying gold jewelry, here are some of the most famous shops that you can buy from:

Kiswah Jewelry:

Despite being newly established, Kiswa jewelry brand has fastly become one of the most famous and luxurious brands in Istanbul. Most of the designs are ancient Islamic that have actual pieces of the Kaaba from Saudi Arabia
You can find gold jewelry, silver jewelry and mixed jewelry both gold and silver. In addition, you can find a lot of handmade jewelry that are made from pure Gold.

Kiswah company has many branches in Istanbul, the Airport Branchthe Grand Bazaar Branch, and many other branches. They also join gold fairs in countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

Altinbas Jewelry:

Altinbas Company is one of the largest companies in Turkey for jewelry. In fact, they have branches all over the place not only in Istanbul but also in other cities.

In general, Altinbas jewelry offers various collections and options for both women and men, most of the designs are modern ones but you can also find designs that have a traditional Turkish touch. You can find 21 carats, 18 carats, and 14 carats jewelry at Altinbas jewelry stores.

Compared to other companies, buying from Altinbas jewelry would not cost you a lot, the gold price is universal but shops usually add few dollars on each gram you buy as a cost of manufacturing, you will still find more expensive shops than Altinbas jewelry anyway. Altinbas jewelry company in every shopping mall and every district so it is not hard to find one of its shops.

Gold And Jewelry Shops In The Grand Bazaar And Beyazit:

The famous Grand Bazaar is actually the oldest shopping mall in history and it was once the largest one, this Bazaar actually has more than two thousands shops in total, of course not all of them are jewelry shops but, when you first enter the Grand Bazaar from the main door you will be amazed by the number of jewelry shops inside of it. Literally, there are more than a hundred jewelry shops.

You can find thousands of options and designs, so you need to be patient if you are shopping with your wife.

There are no specific shops that we can advise because all of the famous and local brands are available there with different prices and qualities and designs, you can find Ottoman designs, Modern designs, Turkish designs, Italian designs and many other designs for rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and even small gifts.

One of the things that is really interesting in the Grand Bazaar is the shops that sell golden coins. These coins are actually used to reserve money so if you have some dollars that you don’t know how to make profits from, you can easily buy a coin or couple of them and wait till the gold prices are higher and then you sell it but you need to make sure that you are buying at the right time because the gold prices might decrease not always increase. There are many kinds of coins, there is the Ata coin, and small coins and Ottoman coins and more kinds, each one of them carries different grams. This is why you find different prices for each one. Over all, these coins are made from pure 24 carat gold thus, you can literally save money and maybe make some profits when selling it later. Besides, they are easy to carry and you won’t need to get a safe for them.

There are more shops that you can find in Istanbul city, some of them are local while other are famous internationally but whatever shop you are buying from, be sure that you are buying from the masters.