Gift Shops in Istanbul


So you are having your good time in istanbul, you are enjoying the delicious food, the beautiful sites, and visiting historical places and museums and taking a lot of pictures to show your family and friends when go back to your country but you still feeling bad that your having this great time and they are not, so you decide to buy them some souvenirs because you love them.


First of all let’s be honest, you are only buying the souvenirs not to hear the complaining in case you don’t. Second and as always, we have the solution.


Here are some of the best gift shops to buy souvenirs from:


Abdullah Natural Product shop:

People in Istiklal Street, Istanbul

Located in Beyoglu, this shop has many different homemade and natural products related to skin and body care.

If you have tested the Turkish traditional bath you will definitely buy a lot of products from this shop and even if you haven’t, you will still find a lot of interesting healthy products that might be important for you. And it is not expensive also, you won’t need a fat wallet to buy from Abdulla Natural Products shop.



The Grand Bazaar:


If you are looking for small items and souvenirs, the Grand Bazaar is the best option for you because it has a lot of big or small shops where you can find items related to Istanbul and Turkish culture. Things like magnets on the fridge, Coffee small cups, muggs with historical places of Istanbul painted on it, and many other small items.

You can also find a lot of scarves and handbags that Turkey is famous for.

In general, these products are not expensive in Grand Bazaar but not cheap, you can find cheaper shops outside but you can still afford it with medium size wallet.


Ruby Ceramics and Gift shop:

Very friendly, very nice, and very welcoming staff. This shop is located in Fatih neighborhood and is specialized with handmade ceramic products such as plates, vazes, Turkish coffee cups, and home decoration products.

The staff is very welcoming and they also will host you with a cup of tea to feel comfortable.

As every other handmade ceramic shop, this shop is a little bit expensive, so do not feel amused when you are going to pay much because it is handmade products, just make sure to tell the staff to pack your gifts tight not to crash during your flight back.


Kilic Ali pasa hamami Shop:


It is a shop of Kilic Ali Pasa Hamami, one of the best and oldest Turkish Baths in Turkey.

This shop is one of the best options for you to buy products and items related to Turkish bath such as beautiful handmade Pestamel, or hamam wooden clogs, copper washing bowels, bath fragrance, and natural oil soaps. This shop has literally everything related to a relaxing bath whether it is traditional Turkish bath or just a regular one. You will definitely remember your fun time in Istanbul when buying products from it and it will be a very unique gift for your beloved ones back home.

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