10 Things To Buy In Istanbul

Things to buy in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the shopping heavens on earth. There are lots of malls, covered bazaars and shops. Let us assure you that you will definitely find what you are looking for in one of these shopping areas.

You can find almost everything when you want to go shopping in Istanbul. But before leaving the city, there are some hot items to take home that will remind your time in Istanbul…

Here are the top 10 things to buy in Istanbul

1. Bring back delicious desserts


If you love desserts, Istanbul will be your favorite city. This city has wide range of dessert selections. In addition to delicious and well-known Turkish delights, you can buy baklava with pistachio which is a must taste traditional dessert. There are many more to discover for your sweet tooth, so discover the Turkish dessert in Istanbul.

2. Spices from Bazaars


There is even a special bazaar for herbs: Spice Bazaar. You can visit this bazaar after your Grand Bazaar tour and buy amazing herbs and spices in Istanbul.

3. Tea and Coffee


Whether you like coffee or tea, Istanbul pleases any choice with many different options. You can buy herbal teas or spice teas as well as delicious Turkish coffee. A quick tip from us; both tea and coffee will make an excellent gift for your loved ones at home.

4. Textile and Authentic Garments


Istanbul has different textile and authentic garments. In your Grand Bazaar tour, you will definitely find something that fits your taste. Hand woven scarvesdelicate embroidery and handmade felt garments are some of the best gift options in Istanbul. Also, you can buy silk scarves in many different colors and forms for your loved ones.

5. Ceramics


Karaköy district has different ceramic shops. You can attend to Istiklal Street and Galata Tower tour and explore ceramic workshops in this area. There are small and large shops where you can buy different ceramic items.

6. Carpets


Turkey has been a producer of Turkish rugs over the centuries making it a heaven for different options to choose from. If you want to buy the best carpet, you can choose handmade carpets. Most stores are offering shipment service. So, you don’t need to worry about how to carry your new carpet back to your home.

7. Street arts

Best way to discover a city is to get lost in its streets and we assure you getting lost in Istanbul is another amazing experience. You can see local artists in Istanbul when you are walking on Istanbul streets. These artists produce unique paintings, handmade garments and many other products. You can buy one of their works to take back home from Istanbul.

8. Evil Eye

In Turkish culture giving a blue and white “evil eye” (a.k.a Nazar Boncuğu) as a gift is a traditional habit. Turkish people use this gift in their daily life. The significance of this evil eye is to protect yourself and whomever you give it to from bad omens. As it is widely used and common to have one, you can these evil eyes in many different shapes, sizes and forms to take back home.

9. Music CDs


Music in Istanbul is diverse. You can hear all kinds of music even when you are walking on the streets. From jazz to folk, from more religious sufi to classical. You can buy a collection of CDs from music stores and take back home the unique spirit of Istanbul.

10. Artistic Souvenirs


Çukurcuma district is the best place in Istanbul if you are looking for some unique gifts. There are different second-hand stores and antique shops where you can find amazing antique pieces to remind you of the historical beauty of Istanbul.

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