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This is a short summary of who you are and what you do. Please do not include your website address and contact details, but rather give information about your business. What does your business do? What kind of tours and activities you specialize in? Why should a customer book a tour from you?

This is the information that will be displayed on the supplier profile page. Next to the product customers can see the box Organised by which leads to the supplier profile page. Customers will judge your company based on this information. This is why it is very important to provide sufficient information in this section. only works with legally operating businesses. This is both in the interest of and our suppliers. It is unfair for legally registered tour operators to be competing with people who run tours from home and thus, do not pay any taxes. It is also essential for to gain its customers’ trust by working with tour and activity providers that have their local government’s approval.

Your company registration is the business license that allows you to run tours legally. All our suppliers are required to have a legal business and thus, we require everyone to upload their company registration or tour guiding license as proof. Please note that without a valid business license/company registration, your application to become a Supplier won't be reviewed and your account cannot be activated.

This is the third person liability insurance used in case of an accident during the tour or activity. Your insurance policy will only be used internally and will not be displayed on the website. The type of insurance depends on the types of tours and activities of your business. It is recommended to upload an English copy of your insurance policy. Nowadays, the majority of the insurance companies provide this document also in English. We suggest you to reach out directly to your insurance company for more information.

Updated over a week ago When setting commission rates, we take into, the size of your company, and the types of activities you offer. We try to be flexible to be able to work with a wide variety of suppliers, but please take into account that we also need to be able to cover our costs and make a small profit. The commission rate includes all the costs from credit card fees to bank transactions and promotion of your tours through our distribution partners. We also provide customer support, marketing strategies, content optimisation and translation services for free. The commission rate will be deducted from successful bookings made through the website. The commission rate is the only fee you will be paying us. There are no hidden costs involved with your registration.’s standard cancellation policy is the policy we strongly advise you to have in order to perform well on our platform and is the following: Up to 24 hours before the beginning of the activity: full refund Less than 24 hours before the beginning of the activity or no-show: no refund If you have your own cancellation policy,please contact your Account Manager. However, please note that this policy should be used for exceptional cases and can be refused by the Team.

As a supplier, you receive payment for your bookings minus the commission fees on a monthly basis. The supplier share becomes due at the end of the month, in which the tour is conducted and the payment is released on the 5th day of the following month. Your can choose to receive payment in one of the following currencies: EUR, GBP, TL If in a certain month the total amount of the payments does not reach €50 EURO, is entitled to postpone the payment. Payments will be released in the next payment cycle once the €50 EURO threshold has been met. Sending us invoices You do not have to send us an invoice or our vouchers because all payments to suppliers are handled automatically and you are e-mailed a detailed remittance advice for reconciliation of payments. The payment is wired directly into the bank account you specify in your supplier profile.

We are open to all kinds of suppliers of tours, attractions and activities. Our suppliers include end-activity operators, wholesalers and niche aggregators, destination management companies, incoming agencies, and business incentive companies. As long as you offer an interesting experience and accept vouchers, your product is right for works with hosts and professional suppliers of tours, attractions and other destination services. Our suppliers are usually direct operators and tend to offer products in the following categories: Tours, Experience, Activities, Nightlife, Cooking Classes, City Cards, Ground Transportation / Transfers, Snow & Winter Sports, Attractions

It's free to use is only commission based. There are no fixed fees and you only pay a commission fee for your bookings. After your account has been reviewed and approved, we will set the commission rate.

Signing up is easy! Just go to and select Become a Supplier & Host from footer menu. Our simple and straightforward sign up form makes it easy to create a Supplier account. Once you have confirmed your information, an e-mail will be sent with a link allowing you to access your Supplier Administration. After confirming your e-mail address, you will be required to upload your company registration/business license, liability insurance, and banking details. Please note that the business license and liability insurance are mandatory in order for us to review your application. Without these documents, your account cannot be activated. After having checked and approved your details, we will grant you access to the Supplier Panel, so you can start uploading your products to our system. Once your products have successfully passed the quality check, we will put them online and customers can start booking them. If you have questions regarding the sign up process you can contact via e-mail

If there is nothing to be changed or added, will approve the product and it will automatically be put online. After that you will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail and can see your product online on our webpage!

Content Evaluation Standards

In all the tour, local experiences, entrance tickets, events and activities we want to take place in, we expect to see the reflections regarding the unique point of views and stories of their passions of our partners that we work together and hosts who create experiences.

On this platform, we want to see that the content owners who are located under the main “things to do” category provide special services which cannot be served by only a guide and internet searches to travelers who buy their products via and travelers present the behind the scenes of certain places or activities.

We value customer reviews very much.

Content evaluation standards will also help us, and our partners get great reviews, comments and scores. When we check the scores, feedback and comments of the members and users of, we will be able to see their satisfaction levels, feedbacks and thoughts. Other travelers who are fascinated by these comments and want to be a part of these experiences and activities will also take this interpretation into consideration and this situation will reflect on sales and the mutual satisfaction of all parties will increase. If our business partners receive low scores and other indicators showing that they are unable to meet customer satisfaction and content evaluation standards, tour, experience, and activity entries can be temporarily or permanently disabled on, and all records on platform may be deleted. Please pay attention to try your best in all your work and in the services and content you create.

As, we expect our business partners to share their passion, deep knowledge and enthusiasm with their guests in their specialty areas and be excited to create priceless moments that will not be forgotten for all parties in this particular city.

The values that we care about in our business partners are as follows;

We expect our business partners to be passionate about the experience and effectiveness of the guides and experts who will host tours, experiences, and events, and to demonstrate their profound knowledge or expertise in the field of expertise.

We expect our business partners to make travelers feel like they have “priceless behind the scene access” to the city and provide them information about people, places, and activities that cannot be found in internet searches, making them feel glad to have used the services of Remember, this will create desire to share the excitement of the participants with other participants.

Point of View…
We believe travelers participating in all tours, experiences and activities through dive into the world of the expertise of our business partners, guides and hosts. Also, travelers gain a deep understanding regarding the past and the point of views of our business partners and experts. In this process, our expectation from our business partners is to create memorable moments to help travelers gain a new, local perspective on Istanbul and remember their Istanbul vacation forever.

Our business partners, who will host travellers through experiences and activities, should not only observe the tour, but also provide new opportunities for travelers to make them feel integrated into activities and conversations by living the experience and activity at the same time.

We would like our business partners to create a welcoming and friendly environment in the activities of our expert guides who will host experiences and activities. Trying to get to know the participants and the travelers, we expect them to develop a form of communication that will interact with each other and to allow travelers to know our country and our culture more closely and to leave the activities with new friends. Please note that this form of communication will always return to you as positive comments and points.

Business partners should use a clear and understandable language by not including any information that would make a very, very misleading or misunderstanding of the accuracy of the service content of all the activities that they enter and sell to It should be ensured that the guests who want to buy this tour, experience, and activity should receive a very clear answer to their expectations. This content should include information on who is hosting the activity, the location of the activity, the materials to be provided, the duration, what the guests will do, how they should be prepared if they are needed.

Communication... always expects from business partners to be thoughtful and sensitive towards travelers who purchase their services. Clear, straight and consistent communication means that guests will have a good time, so they may want to participate in tours and experiences again in the future. It should not be forgotten that the participants will be the best references to other travelers with their positive comments on this beautiful experience.

Commitment to Reservations….
Once a booking has been confirmed and the sale has been made, the guests must rely on the needs of the activity organizer and the individuals to take care of their needs. Canceling or changing an activity can be bothersome and difficult for travelers. Institutions or individuals who organize the experiences and activities are expected to keep their promises, show up on time and fulfil their tasks.

All of our business partners who sell services on should make each participant traveler feel welcome and included in the group. Our business partners should know that their guests come from different countries, they are here for a short time to discover the city of Istanbul, they can have different cultural values and educational background and they should treat each participant/visitor with respect. During the event, there should be no distinction between language, religion, race or sect, and any issue that may raise discussion within the group should be avoided. Another important issue that we care about in all experiences and activities and contents swearing, political propaganda, illegal painting, writing etc., is strictly forbidden. The event and activity pages that are made for trial purposes are unacceptable and result in the termination of Partner relationship.

During a tour and experience created by business partners, the owner of the activity should warn the participants by foreseeing any kind of danger, health problem, and possible accidents that may occur. If there is a prediction that the activity may cause or trigger a health problem, a note is expected to be made so that the travelers are aware of the situation and medical necessities are taken care of. Similarly, if there is an age limit that should be determined by the type of activity, it is very important to warn the traveler about this issue.

As partners control the prices of their own activities and services, it is very important that the determined price is feasable and not higher than its peers. Above all, by determining the price which balances the content of experience and activity, presented and provided service and expectations, experiences become salable and it is important to reach many people and ensuring the viral spread. Guests should feel that the time and money they spend is worthy and the price should be justified through satisfaying services, experiences and activities.

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