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Istanbul is big, crowded, colorful, and sometimes chaotic. Here we have gathered the most needed information for you to not get lost on the internet.

 Discover the beautiful tulips of the tulip festival, or learn more about the art events. Music festivals, too, bring a whole other layer of beauty to this culturally rich city. Read, share, and save these articles for keeping up with the latest info about the city. Everything you need to know about Istanbul is just under your fingers. 

Different Boat and Ferries of Istanbul

Ferry tickets are 14,50 Turkish Liras. Still, if you own an Istanbulcard that you use for transportation within Istanbul, it is 14,50 TL for full tickets, 7,00 TL for students, and 10,50 TL for the social type of Istanbulkart. If you want to use the Harem-Sirkeci ferry line at these prices, you need to pay for the vehicles next to you, except for bicycles.If you are done exploring Istanbul and want to embark on new adventures in the Marmara Region, try the boat services that depart from both sides of the city.

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Istanbul's Marathons: Where Culture, Sport, and Adventure Meet

Discover the captivating blend of culture and athleticism at Istanbul's marathons. Run through history, spanning continents in these unique races.

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