Where to eat fish in Istanbul


Whoever visited Istanbul knows about its delicious and diverse food, especially fish. It is normal for Istanbul to be famous with seafood because it was built around Black Sea, mediterean, and Marmara Sea which makes fish one of the main food resources for this city.

Fish and seafood restaurants are spread everywhere in Istanbul, you can actually pump into a meyhane at any street or corner. In general, fish and seafood are served with raki drink ( Turkish pasits ) and meze. For a starter, both hot and cold meze are served to you, you can pick what you want to eat from the menu or from the tray of mezes because meze has a lot of types and options like hummus, eggs, octopus salads, marinated sea bass with mustard, and many other vegetable salads.

It is important to know that mezes are only served to stop your stomach of rumbling while your fish is being cooked, so do not get full of eating meze, calm down, the queen dish is about to be served. You will be amazed by the delicious taste of juicy fish that melts inside of your mouth.

Here are some of the most famous fish and seafood restaurants:

1- Sur Balik Arnavutkoy:

Located on the European side of the Bosphorus in Arnavutkoy district which is one of the most lovely districts in Istanbul with wooden houses and the beautiful view of the Bosphorus in front. You will find there a lot of beautiful luxury restaurants like Sur Balik where you can enjoy tasty seafood and drinks, amazing view, and calm atmosphere. Sur Balik offers both classic and unusual seafood dishes in addition to wide choices of mezes, all of its fish and seafood are seasonal and fresh, and the wine collection is excellent there.
Make sure to bring a fat wallet with you, it is going to cost you extra dollars.


2- Rumelihisari Iskele:

One of the most famous restaurants at all. Located in Sariyer right on the Bosphorus and has been serving customers since 1992 this is why it has such a good reputation. At Rumelihisari Iskele you can have a delicious seasonal fish dish in a calm relaxing atmosphere and lovely view of the Bosphorus second bridge. The service at this restaurant is always rated 5 stars.

3- Uskumru:

An exceptional restaurants that can be reached by boat, you can have your meal in the sea and literally touch the water with your feet. The appetizers there are superb and creative, sea bass with basil, walnuts, squid a la plancha and many other appetizers and of course the seafood is seasonal so make sure to go there between may and october at the day time for an experience.
And a fat wallet also..

4- Balikci Kahraman:

It is a family run restaurant named after its owner, it serves Black Sea fish and seafood and the mezes there with the lovely atmosphere are what make it a successful restaurant. Kahraman restaurant is the preferred restaurant for celebrities because it is far from the city center, calm and serve great grilled fish dishes.

While if you are looking for cheaper restaurants with same tasty seafood, you can visit one of the following restaurants:

1- Tarihi Karaköy Balıkçısı:

Its name explains how old this restaurant is Tarihi ( Historical ) Karaköy Balikcisi has been serving since 1923. From that time until now, nothing has ever changed in its service or great food. You won’t have a great view, and the restaurant is a little bit small but you will definitely have the most delicious fresh fish meal you ever tried in your life.

2- Ahırkapı  Balıkçısı:


It is the restaurant where you can avoid paying much money but still in the middle of old SultanAhmet city. You can call it a secret dining that serve fresh fish from a simple menu to local people. When visiting Ahirkapi you will find yourself between loyal citizens drinking raki with a smile on their faces. Small, local,  and serve delicious seafood.

3- Kiyi:


Located on Büyükada, the biggest one of princess islands. With an enormous menu of everyday fresh seafood and fish, Kiyi is considered the best seafood restaurant on Büyükada island. The meze that Kiyi serves is unusual and always fresh, especially green salad. Try to go there during the summer months and day time you will have a great time, and it is not expensive too.

It is important to know that depending on the season, the prices of seafood and fish is variable but always have the same amazing delicious taste, because you are in Istanbul.

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