During the Ottoman Empire, Karakoy was located at the mouth of Golden Horn, down from Galata Tower and to the east of Azapkapı region. It was one of the centers for trade and sea transportation, rather than a settlement area as it is today.

Today, the finance sector is also very involved in the region because of its busy port and active trading life, and the region is full of people. It is active throughout the day since it functions as a port for ferries traveling between the two sides, as well as for local and international passenger ships. When in Karaköy, you should go to the restaurants by the seaside and eat fish or fried mussels. Do not forget to taste the baklava of the famous Gulluoglu right behind the Rıhtım Street!

Galata Bridge With Its Unique Scenery:

This two-floored bridge is at the mouth of the Golden Horn, uniting Karaköy and Eminönü. The history of it dates back many years. First built in 1845, the bridge had to be rebuilt five more times over the centuries due to the fires and repairs. Today people are always fishing on the bridge and there are cafes and beerhouses below. It is possible to have moments of pleasure on the Galata Bridge, accompanied with sunset and sea view.

It serves as the social hub of young Istanbul with its cozy tiny cafés, vibrant stores, and consistently busy bars and restaurants. The most interesting and vibrant transformation happens right here in this community. If you've never been to Istanbul before, you might be curious about Karakoy's location. Karakoy, which covers a region from the banks of the Golden Horn to the Bosporus, is situated down the Beyoglu neighborhood, close to Galata Bridge and the tower with the same name. This is your guide to learning what to do in Karakoy for a fun and memorable visit.

Where Is Karakoy?

Let's begin by figuring out where Karakoy is in Istanbul and how to get there. It is not difficult to go to Karakoy if you are in Istanbul's Anatolian neighborhood. Take the Kadikoy to Karakoy ferry, which departs from Karakoy Port. Since you can take the shuttle to the airport from Kadikoy, it is equally simple to get from Karakoy to Sabiha Gokcen Airport. You might inquire about the distance between Karakoy and Taksim if you are on the European side. It's not that far.

By using the M2 metro line or a bus, you may get to Karakoy from Taksim with ease. You may decide to stay at a hotel in Karakoy and save time because it is close to other important areas of Istanbul. Near Karakoy Istanbul, there are lots of hotels. Three are our top picks: 10 Karakoy A Morgans Original, Sub Karakoy Hotel, and Vault Karakoy the House Hotel.

Exploring Karakoykarakoy

It's time to decide what to do in Karakoy at this point. As soon as you step off the ship, you will be at Karakoy Port, adjacent to Galata Bridge. You might begin your journey by first taking in the breathtaking vista from Galata Bridge and getting some great photos there. You may observe fishermen casting from the bridge, ferries crossing it, and seagulls swooping down on bagels that onlookers are throwing to them. You could then decide to stroll up Galata Tower and browse the teeny, vibrant stores on your way up before seeing the iconic Istanbul structure.

In addition to Karakoy's bustling streets lined with bars and cafés, you should first sample the area's rich history. Because it has been a Turkish custom for hundreds of years, the Hamam, or Turkish bath, is something you should definitely try. In Karakoy, there is a Hamam called Kilic Ali Pasa Hamami where you may fully enjoy a Turkish bath. The Hamam dome, which is one of Istanbul's biggest, will be visible to you. One of Istanbul's best locations for Turkish Hammams is here. Because it is more than simply a market, the Karakoy fish market is very important because it is a site where you may eat everything from uskumru to hamsi.

Where To Eat In Karakoy?

Given that there are so many options for dining in Karakoy, the choice of where to dine can be rather difficult. You will undoubtedly require counsel prior to visiting Karakoy. Here is our list of dining options close to Karakoy. Our top suggestion is Balthazar, where burger lovers may fill their bellies to bursting. It is regarded as one of the top burger joints in the area and is very well-liked. The famed Pap's Italian restaurant is situated in the French Passage. Italian food, including superb pizza, is available. On the other side, Karakoy Gumruk offers a remarkable ambiance and legendary flavors for those who want to complement their evening meal with fine wine.

It is always a great idea to try the regional specialties or traditional foods when traveling. We advise you to visit Namli Gurme and sample some succulent local meat dishes. Tarihi Karakoy Balik Lokantasi is for you if you prefer fish to meat and don't eat much of it. You will be able to sample several flavors of Istanbul in each bite at this restaurant. One of the oldest fish restaurants in Istanbul, it has been there for 100 years and is located in Karakoy. For a menu with more choices, try a selection of olive oil appetizers produced with regional ingredients and various hot and grilled foods prepared on a charcoal grill or over tiny embers

Frequently Asked Question

How Do I Get to Karakoy and Where Is Karakoy?
A brief travel guide to Karaköy includes information on the city as well as the names of the locations to see, as well as answers to questions about where Karaköy is located, how to get there, what to eat there, why Karaköy is famous, and how to spend the night there.
Karakoy's location
On Istanbul's European side, Karaköy is a significant historical neighborhood of Beyoglu, one of the neighborhood's favorites, with access to the Marmara Sea, the Bosphorus, and the Golden Horn. Beşiktaş and Işli, two more well-known districts of Istanbul, are close by to Beyoglu.
Restaurants in Karakoy
There are several places to eat and drink in Karaköy, one of Beyolu's most significant neighborhoods. There are numerous eateries, cafes, pubs, and patisseries in Karaköy that cater to all tastes. Both rich and opulent locations, as well as affordable locations that fit any budget, are plenty.