Take a look at Kavacik if you want to learn what residents of the large, crowded, and constantly-busy city of Istanbul do to unwind occasionally. This location is a must-see for you if you want to unwind and view Istanbul from a fresh perspective. In addition to being a popular hangout for Istanbul locals, Kavacik Istanbul is now home to opulent apartment buildings.

What To Do In Kavacık?

In Kavacik and the greater Beykoz region, there are a lot of things to do. Going to Otagtepe is the first thing that comes to mind when discussing things to do in Kavacik. In the same way, as it did when Mehmet the Conqueror was getting ready to take Istanbul, this hill will crush Istanbul under your feet. Your soul will be conquered by this place. Otagtepe is a location where the natural beauty of Istanbul coexists with the area's rich history. You'll be able to see the captivating panorama of the Bosporus. You must never forget to take a photo of Istanbul's most breathtaking scenery!

Since the restoration work, it has been renamed Fatih Bosket, and entry is free. Visitors should be made aware that they are not permitted to enter Otagtepe after a particular hour in the evenings since there have allegedly been some incidents on the bridge as a result of distracting activities on the hill, given that the bridge is actually rather near the hill. Visitation hours are 10 a.m. to 17 p.m. in the summer but may end earlier in the winter. You are unable to bring food into this region, unfortunately.

In addition, it takes 10 minutes to walk from the hill to Anadoluhisari, an Anatolian Fortress. You can keep traveling by going to Anatolian Fortress as well. In order to control potential outside attacks, it was situated at the narrowest point of the Bosporus, just across from the Rumeli Fortress on the European Side. The two fortifications will be visible from the best perspectives while guarding Bosporus with all their splendor if you take a cruise on the Bosporus and the Black Sea.

Discovering Beykoz Further

A neighborhood in the Beykoz district is called Kavacik. Numerous historical sites from Istanbul's Anatolian side, including the aforementioned Anatolian Fortress and Kucuksu Pavilion, are located in this region. Here are some places you can go if you want to fully explore Beykoz. Another stunning architectural structure that captivates its viewers is the Hidiv Pavilion. At the upscale Hidiv Pavilion Restaurant, you may have a fine meal with stylish displays and observe couples getting married. Additionally, the perspective once more presents the stunning Bosporus to your eyes. Additionally located in the Beykoz district, the Anatolian Lighthouse, Yoros Castle, and Mihribat Bosket are all worth visiting.

kavacikWhere To Eat In Kavacık

Given that Kavacik is a small portion of Beykoz, there are many suggestions for where to eat throughout the Beykoz region. First off, if a traveler enjoys meat meals, they must have a doner while in Istanbul. There are doner restaurants outside of Turkey as well, but since it is the traditional way to prepare beef, Turkish chefs make the best ones.

To leave without having a Kavacik doner at one of the top restaurants would be regrettable. As you may assume from the name, Bayramoglu Doner is one of the restaurants in Istanbul that serves amazing doners. Visitors should be cautioned that choosing where to eat "doner" is crucial because not all restaurants cook to the same standard and less expensive ones might easily give you food poisoning.

In addition, Bayramoglu offers delicious "tandır," a dish prepared using an ancient Turkish cooking method that involves digging an oven out of the ground. Next is the Uskumru Restaurant, which is situated directly beneath the Bosporus Bridge. All hues of green and blue coexist in the Bosporus. You will enjoy the restaurant's delectable fare while taking in the spectacular view of the Bosporus from a perspective you have never experienced before.

You might want to see more of Bosporus if you enjoy what you see during your dinner, which we guarantee you will. Bosporus cruises enter the picture at that point. You have a wide range of cruise alternatives, such as cruises with dinner on the Bosporus and cruises with stops in Asia

Frequently Asked Question

Approximately how far is the Anatolian Fortress?
Walking from the hill to Anadoluhisari takes ten minutes.
Kavacik is where?
Kavacik is the name of a neighborhood in the Beykoz district.
Restaurants in Kavacak
Since Kavacik only makes up a small fraction of Beykoz, there are several recommendations for restaurants all around the Beykoz region.