Discover Istanbul

Istanbul is known for its magic for many people around the world. Even if you are a first time comer to Istanbul, you may have heard of its wonderful atmosphere, architecture, history, the nightlife, and many more. Let’s check out what is hidden in the city of magic.


Discover the Old City

The old city really holds its place in this city. The amazing architecture and monuments left by many empires from the Greek Empire until the Ottoman Empire. These empires left behind wonderful relics scattered around the city. First you want to check out the Sultan Ahmet and Hagia Sophia District, why you say? Because this district is right in the middle of the old city of Istanbul, the Sultan Ahmet Mosque also known as the Blue Mosque, it was built in 1616 in the ruling era of Ahmed I, it still remains as a functioning mosque in our modern days.

The mosque has a small garden outside which it is also a reason to attract tourists for selfies alongside its interior architecture. The Hagia Sophia District on the other hand is in the same district as the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia was built by the Byzantines as a church, then later switched to a mosque after the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottomans. You will notice there is a tram station nearby which is also called Sultan Ahmet, you may ride the Tram and go to Beyazit Station to go to the Old Bazaar, which is considered the biggest covered bazaar in the world. Built by the Ottomans for trading purposes and travelling merchants from all parts of the world. Later on, the local merchants settled around it and sell their products. The Bazaar is huge, you have jewelry section, clothes section, antiques section, and even food and Turkish Delights section. It really depends on which door you enter first.

The castles in Istanbul are a different story. Castles has been built by the shore of the Bosphorus by both Byzantines and the Ottomans, Castles like Rumeli Hisari, Anadolu Hisari are still open for public as an open museum. The castles beside their architecture, they have magnificent views over the Bosphorus. It is definitely an experience you want to check out.


Discover the Malls and Outlets


Many shopping lovers’ tourists come to Istanbul to shop in their favorite brands, the main reason is that the local and international brands in Istanbul offer reasonable prices and the latest fashion. There plenty of outlets around Istanbul, these outlets offer you the brands you want to see and an amazing experience, since each outlet has its own experience.

Mall of Istanbul is one of those outlets, it is a huge outlet with many brands and its prices are realistic, in addition to that, the mall has the largest cinema, it contains 16 theaters with 3050 seats capacity, amazing right? Not as amazing as it is being equipped with the latest and highest levels of technical standards.

Zorlu Center Mall is as amazing as the Mall of Istanbul, the shopping center is one of the most luxurious shopping malls you will see. The main attraction is its fascinating architecture and outdoor views and garden. But also, it has a 2-storey Apple Store covered all in Glass right in the middle of the center.

Discover the Magic of the Bosphorus

The Bosphorus is one of the beautiful attractions tourists love to see when they come to Istanbul. Due to it being right in between Asia and Europe, in addition to the activities held there. Whether it is a daylight cruise or an evening walk, both options are great but keep in mind that it offers different experiences. The night around the Bosphorus is magical due to the lightning which offers a romantic atmosphere for many couples. In addition, the restaurant there almost every one of them has a different view over the Bosphorus. So, while you are dining at the finest restaurants with your favorite dish right beside you, you will enjoy the spectacular view.


Discover the Avenue of Luxury


By the avenue of luxury, we mean Nişantaşı, the avenue is famous for its luxurious buildings and the fashion it offers. Nişantaşı is quite the place you would want to visit and take pictures there. In addition, for the fashion lovers, the avenue has almost every brand local or international. Most of the sidewalks in the avenue have cafes and bakeries. So whenever you feel close to Nişantaşı, don’t hesitate to spend your time there.

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