Undoubtfully, Istanbul surprises people with its beauty at different times of the day… Istanbul is different in the morning, in the evening, at midnight, and also at sunset. Just imagine how beautiful would it be to watch the sunset in Istanbul…Unique and priceless…Are you hearing the sound of the ferry? The sun is going down, the rhythm of people in the streets, the sound of children playing at the streets, the sound of street sellers, tea, and simit with the combination of the view of Istanbul…even the idea brings us to different places all around Istanbul. Are you ready to find out your favorite sunset-watching square in Istanbul?

1- Galata Tower:

When we talk about sunset, of course, Galata tower is the first place that comes to mind with its unique balcony which offers visitors an excellent view of Istanbul at sunset. Galata Tower is also a symbol of love in Istanbul, so it would be best for you and your partner to visit Galata Tower at sunset and grab a coffee. Here are some suggestions for you my dear reader where you can grab a coffee or drink tea in the sunset at Galata Tower: Veranda Pera, Rana byTopaz, Its OK Coffee

2- Camlica Hill:

Camlıca Hill is one of the best places to experience sunset in Istanbul. Mostly for the ones who find their soul when they get lost in nature, love green and nature, Camlica Hill can be a good choice to watch the sunset. Camlıca Hill integrates a beautiful view of nature with an amazing view of the Bosphorus. If you need some relaxation on your own, leave all the worries behind and watch the sunset with a beautiful view of Istanbul, I strongly recommend you let your feet bring you there. Moreover, one more surprise for you in Camlica Hill, you can drink your coffee or tea with the cookies you can get from Kukıs, and also good news they are fresh. I did not forget the food lovers either. After letting your soul relax with an amazing view of Istanbul at sunset, Uskudar is ready to serve you its best foods in its amazing restaurants with a perfect view of the Bosphorus. Here are some restaurants, believe me, you won’t regret it: Bridge Restaurant, Villa Bosphorus, Del Mare Ristorante…

3- Maiden’s Tower:

We are still in Uskudar, but at a different destination that offers places to watch the sunset best from each other in Istanbul. Yes, we are at Maiden’s Tower. It is really hard to decide whether the history or beauty or the view of Maiden’s tower makes it special and determine which is the most gorgeous and attractive feature of Maiden’s Tower. You can prefer to watch the sunset in the Maiden’s Tower by clicking to get into it. Also, you may prefer to watch the sunset towards Maiden’s tower. It depends on you and your preference. I am inviting you to be an eyewitness of the most special sunset at Maiden’s Tower restaurant with the delicious cuisine that they offer. Unfortunately, the Tower will be under construction between 2022-2024 years. 

4- Pierre Loti̇ Hill:

Pierre Loti hill gets its name from a French writer and it allows you to watch the perfect view of the Golden Horn at sunset. You can either reach Pierre Loti Hill via cable car or a short walk in the path. No matter which way you prefer, in the end, the result that you are going to witness is going to be worth it. When I first went there maybe because its name comes from a writer, this poem came to my mind “Sana dün bir tepeden baktım aziz Istanbul” from Yahya Kemal. The translation is “ I looked at you from a hill dear Istanbul”… To make it more enjoyable watching the sunset in Pierre Loti hill, you can take a sip of your tea and listen to your soul in Loti Cafe&Roof Lounge …


In recent years Karakoy become one of the most famous and attractive districts of Istanbul with its warm and sincere atmosphere which is formed by young and energetic people. People can find so many various things to do in Karakoy all day time long. However, in my opinion, the sunset in Karakoy is something else than all the other things you can do in Karakoy. You can say goodbye to a day while watching the sunset in Istanbul and drinking your tea accompanied by your favorite book at Coffee Sapiens.