What would you say if you have an already planned seven days trip for you?

Of course you do not need to stick with it but consider it as thoughts and suggestions.

Here we go ..

Day One:

You have got your passport stamped and now you are officially in Istanbul, WELCOME!

Get a ticket on one of the airport comfortable busses ang hit the road toward the hotel, is you don’t know which buss get you there you can ask one of the organizers at the parking, or simply get a cap.

Check in your room, put your bags and get down to start your first trip in Sultan Ahmet Square.

Good things come first, enter the Hagia Sophia Museum to witness the ancient architecture of this great museum which once was the largest cathedral in the world during Byzantine Empire’s period. It won’t take more than 40 minutes to scan the museum and take some pictures.

Then, move on to Topkapi Palace right next to Hagia Sophia, this Palace will take you back four hundred years back to the Ottoman Empire when it was used for residence, administration, and educational programs. This palace actually worth billions nowadays so you will definitely be amazed by its great design and architecture.

Before finishing you first day, go and visit the ancient Basilica Cistern and go back in history to the Byzantine Empire”s Period, this cistern has been the main source of water in Istanbul for more than 700 hundrend years. Its complicated architecture is breathtaking.

After sunset, finish your first day at one of the restaurants at SultanAhmet Square and have a delicious dinner with your partner.

Day Two:

Wake up early and have your breakfast at the hotel, then hit the road toward the Grand Bazaar to see the first and largest covered market in the world, it was the main market in Istanbul for several centuries and holds around four thousand shops. You will literally find thousands of products there, even if your not a fan of shopping you should at least buy a box of traditional Turkish dessert “ Baklava “.

Finish your walking in the Grand Bazaar and use the T1 Tramway line toward Eminonu station. Next to the station you will find a big square right next to the sea and grilled fish sandwich vendors spread all over the place. Buy a sandwich from one of them it is really delicious. You can also visit the famous Spice Bazaar that is located on the opposite side of the street right under the New Mosque to see how traders during the Ottoman Empire period used to sell their products.

Day Three:

It is time to visit the Bosphorus, go to Ortakoy Square and start from the food street where you can buy the Turkish famous “KUMPIR” if you don’t like it you can have a traditional Turkish breakfast at one of the restaurants there. When you finish go to buy a ticket on one of the Bosphorus tour cruises, it will take in a 45 minutes trip around the Bosphorus to see the historical palaces and modern villas on the sides. Do not forget to take some pictures because you will have a great time especially if it is during April or May.

When you come back, visit the Dolmabahce Palace where many sultans used to live and walk between the alleys of the most luxurious palace you ever seen in your life .

Day Four:

Hit the road toward Istiklal Street, you are going to have a long walk but you will enjoy every moment of it. Street music player all over the place and they are really fun to watch, you can also buy an ice cream from one of the vendors there but if it is winter, you can buy a bag of roasted chestnuts, it is warm and delicious.

At the end of the street you will find the Galata Tower, go up to the top of it to see the beautiful 360 degree of istanbul with a cold beer.

Day Five:

You can spend some time n Kadikoy district in the Asian side of Istanbul, it has a lot of beautiful streets, cafes, and bars. As a suggestion, you can have a very delicious lunch at one of the restaurants there, just make sure to order grilled meat because you will never forget the rich taste of it then, go back to the European side using the ferry.

Day Six:

It is better to spend this day doing some shopping at one of the 120 malls in Istanbul, you can go to Mall of Istanbul, Zorlu Center, Cevahir Mall, the Grand Bazaar, the Spice Bazaar and after shopping make sure to eat some of the Turkish traditional desserts like Baklava, Kunefe, or Halkum at Mado restaurant,

Day Seven:

Well, it is time to check out from the hotel and hit the road toward the airport. It is really important to go early because the new airport is far away from the city so it will take you about an hour to get there.

Take your last picture with your partner at the airport to keep it as a memory and fly back safe.

Thank you for your visit, we are waiting for you again.