The Sakip Sabanci Museum in Istanbul, with its prominent position overlooking the Bosphorus, may be a little out of the way from the regular tourist destinations, but its permanent collection and temporary exhibitions make it worth the trip. It also provides an opportunity to get away from the congestion and visit Emirgan, one of the city's most beautiful areas.
Its full name is the Sabanci University Sakip Sabanci Museum, and it is housed in a 1920s mansion known as “Atlı Köşk”, which was previously used as the Hidiv family of Egypt's summer house and as the Montenegrin Embassy before being purchased by the Sabanci family in 1951. It was opened as a museum in 2002.

What is There to See at the Sakip Sabanci Museum?

There are several divided areas in the Museum in which you can see different collections. Here are the parts of the Museum so you won't be missing. 

Permanent Collection

The permanent collection, which includes the Calligraphy Collection, Painting Collection, and Furniture and Decorative Arts Collection, houses some excellent examples of Islamic and Ottoman traditional arts and documents dating back to the 14th century. 


The white mansion is also known as Atli Kosk (the Mansion with the Horse), and it has a lovely garden with views of the Bosphorus and two fascinating horse statues on the façade.


Beautiful antique fountains and marble pieces from the Roman and Byzantium periods may be found in the garden.

Sculptures of horses

One of the horse statues near the entrance dates from 1864 and is the work of a French sculptor. The second horse sculpture is positioned near the main entrance to the gardens. It is a replica of one of the four bronze horses plundered from Sultanahmet Square in 1204.

Temporary Exhibitions

The Sakip Sabanci Museum display hall also holds temporary exhibitions by well-known artists, such as the Monet show in 2012, the Rembrandt exhibition in 2012, and the Sakip Sabanci Museum Anish Kapoor exhibition in 2013. Double, one of Anish Kapoor's works, is now part of the museum's permanent collection and is on display amid the magnificent grounds.

Museum Restaurant

MSA's Restaurant is also located within the museum (MSA: The Culinary Arts Academy of Istanbul). The instructor and recent MSA graduate chefs run this experimental restaurant, where students perform their first internship in a genuine restaurant setting. To put it another way, the instructor chefs are paired with their students.

MSA restaurant focuses on Anatolian traditions and recipes while also embracing and mixing them with world foods in order to maintain authenticity.  If you’re interested in Turkish history and modern art, Istanbul has lots more to offer at other museums, including the Pera Museum, the Istanbul Modern, and the Rahmi Koc Museum.

Sakip Sabanci's Museum originally opened its doors to the public in 2002, at the Atli Kosk in Emirgan, one of Istanbul's oldest residential neighborhoods on the Bosphorus. It is one of Istanbul's largest museums, with a large collection of paintings and calligraphic works. The museum presents a range of exhibits and galleries throughout the year, showcasing the work of many skilled and original artists, as well as renowned sculptors and painters.

To sum up, if you like a deepened Istanbul experience, then visiting its museums is a good idea. Sakip Sabanci Museum is a remarkable museum with its collections, exhibitions, and events. With you can easily buy your ticket without waiting in a long line and save time.

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Frequently Asked Question

When is the Sakip Sabanci Museum open?
The Sabanci Museum opens from Tuesday to Sunday between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm
How much is the ticket price for the Sabanci Museum?
The Sabanci Museum ticket price is 60 Turkish Liras per person.
Is Sabancı Museum free?
No, Sabanci Museum is not free. But on Tuesdays, the gorgeous museum is free to visit.
How can I get to the Sakip Sabanci Museum?
You could take a bus to Emirgan from Taksim (40, 40T or 42T)