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A Fun Journey to The Past: Istanbul Toy Museum

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Istanbul Toy Museum

There is a museum in Istanbul that takes you back to your childhood. Istanbul Toy museum contains one of the most exciting, interesting and fun exhibitions: toys. It was established by poet and author Sunay Akin on 23rd of April 2005 and presents many toys originated from 1700s till today. These toys were collected by him in a 20 years of time, from antique shops over 40 different countries through auctions. It is an International Toy Museum of Istanbul since the visitor is presented a variety of toys from different cultures and time periods. It also is significant because it appeals to every member of a family from children to adults and offers an environment in which the whole family can share memorable time and mutual happiness. Older visitors of the museum will recognize the toys and exclaim that they had the same toy while they were growing up. This way the museum strikes every visitor either with curiosity, joy as well as nostalgia. During your Istanbul visit it would be a shame to leave without experiencing Istanbul Toy Museum. You will have approximately one or two hours of visit here but you will never regret it and always remember this experience.

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“Where” and “When”s of Istanbul Toy Museum

Istanbul Toy Museum’s address is Omerpasa Street, which is located on a decent neighbourhood of Istanbul, Goztepe, and easy to access by public transportation. It is placed into a five-floor mansion of a giraffe shaped street lamps and strikes you with its cuteness and ignites your curiosity. If you want to access these kinds of museums and attraction sites of Istanbul easier, you should consider staying in a hotel at Kadikoy which is the heart of Anatolian side of Istanbul and is very close to Goztepe, where International Toy Museum Istanbul is located. As it is the case with every other museums of Istanbul, the museum will be more crowded than it is on weekdays so you might want to visit the museum on a weekday. Keeping in mind that it is closed on Mondays, Istanbul Toy Museum opening hours every day is 9.30 and closing is at 18.00. If you are planning to tour the museum with a group more than 10 people you should reach the museum online and make reservations. For reaching the museum by car parking is not a problem, but public transportation is really easy. You can take any bus that passes through Goztepe bus station or take the minibus.

What You Will See at Istanbul Toy Museum

There are more than 4000 toys which were gathered by Akin from all around the world and these toys are sectioned according to their themes. They are placed in either rooms or on the hallways that are named according to the toys theme such as; Space, Maritime or Indian. The visitor is granted the privilege of seeing the one and only Mona Lisa doll put together by Fawn Zeller, 1850-1910 porcelain doll houses, Turkish traditional characters Karagoz-Hacivat and many more in Istanbul Toy Museum. This is a great way to understand both cultures of your own nation, of others and of the past as a whole. You can observe the toys that has accompanied your grandparents’ childhood, which is extraordinary. For especially understanding the Turkish culture there are toys which were made by Turkish brands between 1950-1970. For history enthusiasts or antique fans this is a great opportunity. At the entrance you are accompanied by toy soldiers until you purchase your coins and pass the toll gate into a fairy tale-like.

Activities You Can Attend in Istanbul Toy Museum

Istanbul Toy Museum is not only a museum where you can go and see precious objects of the past but also gives you and your family the opportunity to be an active part of it by collective events and workshops. For example, there are wooden toy colouring workshops, rhythmic exercises and singing activities for children, jazz gatherings for kids, puppet shows about fairy tales and many more activities. Of course, it is not only fun and games but has an essence of instruction as well. The education program within the museum contains book discussions with authors, readings and commenting on art pieces, watching themed movies and discussions on it, ceramic atelier etc. If you are interested in interactive activities and want to socialize you should try these kinds of sociocultural, intellectual gatherings and workshops. There are more options of workshops in Istanbul if you want to experience such as; Turkish marbling workshops and Ottoman cuisine cooking workshop. For experiencing Istanbul and Turkey as a whole to the fullest these are the best options for you.

Istanbul Toy Museum Shop and Café

 For carrying the pleasure home, or buying gifts for your loved ones you should stop by the museum’s shop. There are unique toys, specially designed based on the ones exhibited in the museum. The café placed on the ground floor of the museum is a place where you can sip your coffee in awe by the beautiful pieces you have seen in the museum. It has the atmosphere of a doll house and hosts many breakfast and corporate organizations. Although the breakfast is served only by special request and for special occasions, you are welcome to make a reservation for you and your group of 15 or more people. It is also a suitable place for birthday organizations, for both kids and adults that never lost their inner kid. If you are hungry or do not prefer to drink your coffee at museum’s café you might want to try some of the restaurants around. From Goztepe it is very easy to reach Kadikoy, and there are many places to eat at Kadikoy for fair prices and delicious taste. You can eat Turkish traditional kebab or delicious steak at Et-Inn, fish dishes at Kadı Nimet Balikcilik if you are a seafood person or you can choose a safe restaurant like Happymoons and have whatever dish you want.

Istanbul Toy Museum Comments

Nathaniel - September 24, 2019

We had a nice plan to visit all 5 attractions but unfortunately we could go only Saint Sophia. When we contact them they refund the calculated amount. Nice job done with heart.

Deborah - September 11, 2019

Nice idea. In my country there is not any pass like this. We get one to visit the places. In one tour it was just a little bit crowded. But the guide covered people well.

Brooke - August 30, 2019

We spend 30 minutes inside with our guide. He mentioned about the Cistern s history. Tour might be more than thirty minutes. It was so crowded inside and dark. Everybody take pictures.

Denise - August 24, 2019

We got the pass for 3 days. When we extended our stay in Istanbul we extended our pass as well. Next to traditional visiting places other activities are selected well. Madame Tussauds, was incredible.

Bessie - August 19, 2019

He was really a funny guy. Our guide. I never joined a tour in my travels like this. 30 minutes added my life hundreds laugh. Worth to visit.

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