As Istanbul is a metropolitan city, anything can happen in both good and bad ways. For that reason, you might want to learn more about some emergency numbers and where to call in which situations. In this article, let’s check the main emergency numbers and the possible reasons or situations to call them.

155 - Police

Istanbul has a vast police network ready to be at your service 24/7. While in Istanbul, you can always call the police from number 155 for unpleasant situations. Unfortunately, sometimes you may face theft, violence, attack, or any other unwanted situations anytime, anywhere in the world. You may call the police in those emergency situations.

When you dial 155, at first, you’ll hear someone speaking in Turkish but keep listening, and you’ll hear “please press (a number) for English.” You just need to press that number, and you can tell them about your emergency and then let the police help you out. You can also call the police in case of an accident or car crash.

112 - Ambulance

Things might not go so well, and you might need medical support during your travel. You can always call the 112 Ambulance line for any health conditions or health-related inquiries. Some emergencies or unexpected health problems may occur during your trip to Istanbul. In case of all kinds of emergency, please directly call 112. They mostly help you out in a short time.

Please do not call them if your condition is not urgent, as injuries or any other severe conditions that would need medical assistance right away. If you can, please go to a doctor without an ambulance if you have some small health issues. In that case, the emergency line and the ambulances might be able to help to more severe conditions in a quicker manner.

 110 - Fire Department

If you ever see a burning building or house, please directly dial 110. If it’s the place you are staying, home, or rent, try to save the fire on your own. But in case you can’t, and the fire gets bigger, before any damage or health issues, call 110. Call this number if the fire accident gets bigger, even if you try to stop the fire.

They would need your address, so it might be better if someone by your side knows the address and can give directions to the firemen. Because they might need a detailed description of the location and its premises or how the fire accident started.

184 - COVID-19 Diagnosis Line

As you know, for around 2 years, we have been facing a global pandemic called COVID-19. You might not feel well after your trip to Istanbul. While you discover Istanbul, you may go to many different places and spend time with various people. Even if one of them has been diagnosed with COVID-19, you are at risk.

To avoid the risk of being diagnosed with COVID-19, please call 184 in case you don’t feel well enough to get tested or to ask for more information about the pandemic. You can call this number for quarantine procedures and applications too. COVID-19 is a pandemic, and it is a critical emergency. Please don’t forget to get tested regularly to protect yourself and your loved ones during your travels.

An Emergency Related to Travel and Consulates

Travel and consulate emergencies might also occur during your trip. You might need to cancel or rebook your trip, or you might call the airlines for any lost and found emergency. Or you just might want to call them if you have any questions about the COVID-19 precautions of Turkey before visiting Istanbul.

There are different airline brands. You must know which airline it is that you have the flight ticket, or you would like to fly with. You can call the airlines in case of any emergency. Below, you may find the numbers of the most popular airlines in Turkey to call:

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is the most prestigious and most popular airline in Turkey. They have flights almost everywhere in the world. Their prices are pretty high compared to other Turkish airline brands. You can find the number you should call by going to their website and looking at the relevant country.

Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines is Turkey’s second most popular airline brand. They don’t have routes as diverse as Turkish Airlines, but they also have great fares at affordable prices. Please call 0888 228 1212 to reach out to Pegasus Airlines’ customer service.

Onur Air

Onur Air is another airline brand in Turkey. This one is relatively small compared to Pegasus and Turkish Airlines, but Onur Air is also cheaper. If you’d like to take a trip anywhere in Turkey, you can also search for tickets from Onur Air. To reach out to their customer service, please call 0850 210 6687.

As there are hundreds of countries in the world, the major consulates are located in Istanbul. Still, some of them are also found in Ankara, Izmir, and Antalya. You can check all the information about the consulates according to the country of your preference on their websites. You can call them if you need any assistance during your trip or in case you lose your passport or identification card.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the police number in Istanbul?
In Turkey, you can call the 155 line to contact police forces.
What is the ambulance service number in Istanbul?
112 is the national number for health services in Turkey.
What is the fire department number in Istanbul?
110 is the number to call in case of an emergency related to the fire department.
Where should you call in case of an emergency in Istanbul?
You can call 112 in case of emergency as it is the health service number of the country.