What to do in Bebek in Istanbul?


Bebek is a historic neighborhood in the European side of Istanbul, and it is located in boundaries of Besiktas district, it is located to the north east of the district along the shore of the Bosphorus strait.

The meaning of Bebek In Turkish is Baby, which falls in the reference to the area for its attractiveness and site on the Bosphorus. Back during the Ottoman Empire, Bebek was a very popular district and it continues to be one in our modern days.

Unfortunately there is no metro station that gets you to Bebek, so you might want to ride a bus or rent a taxi with regards that the road to Bebek gets really crowded during the weekends and rush hours and your 20-30 minutes ride from Besiktas to Ortakoy will be a 2-hour ride, so you might want to check the time before you go there.


 Take a walk on bebek’s Corniche


The waterfront of Bebek is really wonderful and magical at the same time, especially when the weather is really comforting and sunny. From there, you will have a mesmerizing view over the bridge of Bosphorus which make it the perfect location for a memorable photo.

Renting a bike is also an option if you like to have fun and experiencing the beauty of the area, you can rent a bike using a card just like the metro card, the name of the card is isbike and can be bought from isbike stands located near the bikes’ station. Then, just like the metro card you can fill the card from the stands and rent the bike automatically.

Discover Rumeli Hisari Fortress

Rumeli Hisari fortress is a wonderful monument that has been built by the order of Sultan Mehmet II prior to his conquest of Constantinople, the alternative name for the fortress is throat cutter, due to its location that prevented any aid for the Byzantines from the strait. After the conquest of Constantinople, the fortress served as a checkpoint and usually prison. In our modern days, the fortress is an open museum to the public, and has some special concerts and events so you might want to check for that. The fortress has an outstanding view over the strait, and it is relaxing to go there and watch the beauty of it.



Take a relaxing walk from Ortakoy to Bebek


Or vise versa, if you feel yourself energized and love to take long walks, then this is definitely one of those walks that will be memorable to you, the walk 5.6 Km walk is mostly situated along the shore of the bosphorus which will make the walk even more magical, you walk under the bridge of the bosphorus all the way until you reach Bebek. If you started the walk from Bebek, then once you finish go grab yourself a treat from the local bazaar which features the best kumpir there is in town, the kumpir is baked potato with toppings of your choice, do not hesitate to try it.


Bebek is one of the favorite places for many tourists and even locals, the place has its own beauty and wonderful views, it is not very crowded but it is full of life at anytime of the day, you can also sit down at any café, grab a coffee and sit watching the beautiful views. Also, there are plenty of modern restaurants in this neighborhood, filled with international cuisine so if you like to try one, feel free, all of those restaurants will give the best collection of food and most of the restaurants speak foreign language so you don’t have to speak Turkish with them.

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