Being a city that attracts tourists from all over the world, Istanbul is one of the most important cities in the world with its location connecting the continents of Europe and Asia. Naturally, many people either live here or just see around whose native tongue is not Turkish and might want to find a book in their language. Here are the foreign publications and places where you can find books in your language in Istanbul!

Have you come to Istanbul and want to follow what's going on in the city? Or do you want to know what's going on not only here but in the world? Thanks to the foreign publications, which you can find in many parts of Istanbul, you can follow the news and innovations both in the city and around the world, and always stay up to date. Foreign publications, which attract the attention of tourists, are also frequently preferred by foreigners living in the mega-city of Turkey. For this reason, there are various newspapers, magazines, and news channels published in many languages. You can learn the news channels suitable for your language and follow the news either once or regularly. Knowing where to buy such magazines and newspapers is one of the tips you should know before coming to Istanbul. 

Foreign Publications of Istanbul

If you are a foreign citizen living in Turkey or on a long-term tour of Turkey, there are many newspaper publications you can find in Istanbul. Like Turkey's local publications, these newspapers and news pages, which are published periodically, allow foreign citizens who come to Istanbul to live and learn about what is going on both in Turkey and in their own country. Here are some of the foreign publishing you can find in Istanbul.

Foreign publishing is divided into three according to its purpose and target audience. The first of these, the alienated Turkish newspapers, are used to inform tourists living within the borders of Turkey about what is happening in the country. These newspapers, which contain the events in Turkey on their pages and convey the developments in the country to foreign tourists, are published daily and brought to the users. Another example of foreign publishing is the newspapers published in Turkey by the publishing houses of foreign countries. These newspapers, which are the news of what is happening all over the world, have various publication dates on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. 

Time newspaper, one of the most common examples, has made its reputation not only in Turkey but also all over the world. At the same time, The New York Times International newspaper also offers tourists the opportunity to follow the American agenda from Turkey. These examples are followed by newspapers such as the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Guardian Weekly. You can reach these newspapers, which continue to be published daily, from kiosks located on almost every corner. 

Another example of foreign publishing, which you can find on the corner and in distinguished bookstores, is magazines! You can follow the fashion trends that swept the world with magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and CQ. These magazines, which are published simultaneously with the USA, can be accessed from various places such as bookstores, supermarkets, and kiosks. At the same time, you can discover many recipes in foreign languages, magazines on the economy, industry, and politics.

Places Where You Can Find Foreign Publications in Istanbul

If you need content in a foreign language in Istanbul, you can find it not only in newspapers and magazines but also in many works such as literature and criticism. It is possible to find works in almost every language in this city, which is famous for the rich materials of its libraries. So if you want to read something in your tongue in your spare time, all you have to do is sign up for a library. The most vivid example of this is the Turkish-German Bookstore. It allows German citizens to access all kinds of work they need. This place, which is like a mini trip to Germany, contains all the famous German works from the past to the present. If you want to read books in German, you can visit the Turkish-German Bookstore in Istanbul and lose yourself in the works.

Being one of the capitals of cultural tourism, Istanbul also manages to attract the attention of French tourists. The French Consulate Library in the city is also one of the frequent destinations of French citizens and long-term tourists living in the city. With its historical artifacts and pieces of French culture, it is one of the places you can visit to benefit from the books or take a small library tour. This vast library, which provides service on certain weekdays, contains many essential works from old French literature. France is also known as the birthplace of fashion, so many fashion magazines from the past to the present can be found in this library. If you want to read not only news but also magazines in their original language, you can choose from hundreds of options.

Benefit From Travel Guides Before Starting Your Istanbul Tour!

At the same time, you can easily access not only the works of the language you have chosen but also magazines, books, and travel articles that are Istanbul travel guides. Since Istanbul is a big city, it is one of the popular tourist destinations from all over the world. Since there are many historical monuments and places in the city, hundreds of travel guides have been published in many languages. You can reach these hundreds of books, which contain cultural, social, or historical information, from almost any bookstore, and you can benefit from information and suggestions while planning your trip. With these travel guides published in many languages, you can create your Istanbul itinerary and get preliminary information about the places you will visit.


Frequently Asked Question

Are there foreign publications in Istanbul?
Yes, many of the famous foreign publications can be purchased in Istanbul’s bookstores.
Which foreign publications can be found in Istanbul?
Some of the most famous publications are Guardian, New York Times, Vogue, Time and more.
Where can I find foreign publications in Istanbul?
In Istanbul, you should check bookstores and libraries to find foreign publications.
What are some of the libraries in Istanbul?
Some famous libraries in Istanbul are Beyazit State Library, SALT Galata, Ataturk Library.
What are some of the libraries in Istanbul?
Some famous libraries in Istanbul are Beyazit State Library, SALT Galata, Ataturk Library.
Are there international fashion magazines in Istanbul?
Yes, fashion magazines like Vogue and ELLE can be found in Istanbul.