Car parking has been one of the problems for the last two decades. If you are coming to Istanbul by private vehicle, there are a few points that you should consider. Acting wisely not only saves you time in traffic but also essentially eliminates possible car parking problems. For this reason, before you come to Istanbul with your private car, you should have information about parking places and parking procedures and create your trip plan accordingly. 

Tips You Need To Know Before Coming To Istanbul With A Private Car

To discover Istanbul with a private car, there are some tips you and your family need to know to stay out of trouble and have an easier time in terms of car parking. You can save time by following these tips instead of searching for empty parking spaces for hours to park your car! You can safely park your vehicle in the same place for hours by making a wise choice in the density of Istanbul.

Istanbul has the title of being the only city that connects two different continents. Hence, the level of traffic and the number of vehicles in the city are pretty high. Various municipalities have acted to prevent the news of accidents happening every day in the city and provide citizens with more comfortable and safe driving and car parking experience. If you are coming to Istanbul with a private vehicle, you may not want to go to every district by using this vehicle. 

Some districts are famous for their traffic density. One of them, Nişantaşı, is one of the areas that traffic and tourists visit the most during the day. Tourists arriving by private car may experience difficult situations due to the complexity of the traffic, so before going to any district, it would be wise to research the traffic of that area and check if there is a suitable area for car parking.

What Are The Car Parking Rules In Turkey?

Turkey, which gives many freedoms and conveniences to drivers, has some traffic rules that are heavily applied, especially in Istanbul. To discover Istanbul appropriately, you must strictly follow these rules. For example, leaving the left lane empty while driving in traffic in the city is always necessary. Although it is not possible to leave the left lane empty because Istanbul is a crowded city, all vehicle owners traveling in the left lane move to the side lane and clear the way for emergency units when the alarm sound of emergency units such as ambulances, police or fire trucks are heard. This sensitive behavior is a traffic rule applied not only in Istanbul but also in all provinces of Turkey. 

In addition, it is possible to park your car free of charge in the streets and in the neighborhood, but it is forbidden to park your car in the private garden and in front of the door. At the same time, on some of the main and side roads, car parking by the roadside is. To find out if you can park your car next to a curb, you should pay attention to the signs along the sidewalk. They might indicate a rule about car parking procedures in that area. Parking on main roads can become a paid activity after a while. For example, you can park your car for free for up to one hour, but the extra fee is applied to your vehicle's license plate for each hour after that.

How Can I Find a Parking Place in Istanbul?

ISPARK, one of the most technological solutions that the Istanbul municipality has found to the problem of traffic and car parking, reduces the floor covering rate of parked vehicles in the city by up to 40%. Thanks to its smart system and fast solutions, this project, which provides private vehicle owners with the advantage of a safe parking space in almost every district, has been actively used in daily life in the last few years. According to the project, you can park your vehicle in these multi-story car parks equipped with high security and technology and leave it for as long as you want.

These car parks, which are free for the first hour, are worth a minimum of 7 Turkish liras after the first hour. The tariff may vary depending on the density of the parking area. This project, which meets the car parking needs of districts such as Eminönü, Beyoğlu, Taksim, and Tarabya, which are among the most crowded districts of Istanbul, ensures that your vehicle is kept in a safe and convenient area. 

Before you discover Istanbul, you can browse the traffic of the area you want to go to and determine the nearby ISPARK area. In this way, you can safely park your car for hours at an affordable price. This system, which is much safer than the street and open car parks, was designed to prevent the problem of finding a parking space due to the density of vehicles in the city of Istanbul

Frequently Asked Question

How do you pay for parking in Istanbul?
You can pay in cash and use the receipt that the parking lot personnel gives to you to exit the parking lots in Istanbul.
Where can I park my car in Istanbul?
In Istanbul, it may be hard to find parking spots on the street. Many people prefer to park in private parking lots.
How do you pay for parking in Turkey?
Many parking lots require cash payment, also some big ones may accept credit cards.
How do you pay for Havaist?
You can pay by debit or credit card, or you can scan the QR code and pay through the internet.
Does Havaist have Wi-Fi?
Yes, Havaist vehicles provide Wi-Fi and USB charging.