Boat Trip To The Princes’ Islands: Hop On!

Get ready for the best journey that you will experience on your way to paradise! With your Istanbul Tourist Pass, take your boat trip on the bluest waters of the Bosphorus! Enjoy your Turkish tea during the voyage, try to feed seagulls with freshly baked Simit, a crunchy circular bread covered with sesame, and take the best photos! For another mesmerising boat trip, you can also have a look at the Bosphorus dinner cruise!

However, a boat trip doesn't take much time; it's better to get on the very first boat of the day and make the most of the islands. So many historical and natural wonders await you on the islands; each has unique structures, history, and natural beauties.

If you are an adventurer and looking to explore, you will be satisfied. You will be content if you want to learn from history by experiencing the museums or historical places. If you wish to retreat in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, swim and soak up some sun, watch the sunset, ride a bike around the island. You will feel lucky to have this boat trip and refresh yourself!


Büyükada (Big Island): The Largest One Of The Princes' Islands

How about doing the most popular activity: taking a boat trip with your Istanbul Tourist Pass? It's very favorable to take a boat trip to Princes' Island on the weekends. As a metropole, Istanbul's city life can sometimes be challenging. Fortunately, it has the best places where urbanites can get enough fresh air, a serene atmosphere, and be alone with the beautiful nature of the islands. 

Büyükada (Big Island), a top-rated touristic attraction, is the largest of the Princes' Islands! When your boat comes aboard, you will immediately feel the warm ambiance of Büyükada. At first sight, you will come across bakeries famous for their cookies and the ice cream shops where you can taste Büyükada's renowned ice creams! 

It's a classic to have a bike to wander around the Büyükada, so it's highly recommended to rent one of the cute and colorful bikes with baskets of the island. Let the soft breeze of the isle wave your hair when you are on your bike! The postcard-like streets and picturesque pavilions take you to the dreamy place during your tour around the island.

Remember to visit Adalar Müzesi (Museum of the Princes' Islands) on Büyükada! It is the best place to learn more details about the Princes' Islands. You can even watch the animation of these marvelous islands in the museum! 

Hagia Yorgi Church (Greek Orthodox Church St. George) is one of the two pilgrimage points of Christians in Turkey. A must-see place located at the very top of the island is YüceTepe. If you like hiking, you definitely should take the road to this culturally significant monument! If you are not a huge fan of hiking, remember that it is worth it! No worries because it takes only 10-15 minutes to go up there. Furthermore, at the top, breathtaking scenery welcomes you.

The Prinkipo Greek Orphanage, also known as Prinkipo Palace or Büyükada Greek Orphanage, is another best place to visit on this island. It's considered one of the most prominent wooden buildings in Europe and the second-largest in the world!  

Heybeliada: The Greenest Island Of The Princes’ Islands

Heybeliada (Saddlebag Island) is famous for its pine forests; therefore, its nature which embraces all shades of green, is the first thing in sight. Let’s make a bucket list for Heybeliada for an entire fun trip! 

Having a tour of the island on an electric automobile is one of the popular things to do on this island! As in Büyükada, you will find beautiful pavilions with amazing architecture while wandering around. The beautiful beaches and clean waters of Heybeliada offer you to enjoy your summer and soak up vitamin D! You can also do some activities such as sailing and rowing! 

When you step on Heybeliada, the Naval High School, which is one of the symbols of this island, stands in front of you. If you like, you can visit it. The War Academy and the Sanatorium are essential components of Heybeliada as well.

Heybeliada also hosts many historic churches and monasteries. Hagios Georgios tou Kremnou, which is Hagia Yorgi Monastery, is one of the famous monasteries in Heybeliada. "Tou Kremnou" comes to the meaning "on the verge off a cliff." Between the greenest pine trees and on the verge of the cliff, this monastery presents its visitors an incredible scenery! 

Burgazada: The Most Peaceful Of The Princes' Islands

Burgazada is another destination for those who like to spend a calmer, quieter, and more peaceful day! It's the best place to escape from the rush, crowds, and noise; being the third largest one of the Princes' Islands, Burgazada is underpeopled. 

Burgazada bears history traces and demonstrates a characteristic that has hosted different cultures, nations, and ethnicities. Mosque and synagogues, Greek churches tell the visitors about the past! 

If you are into making your day peaceful, Burgazada is the best serene island! It's so much fun getting lost in the narrow streets of Burgazada; hiking up on Burgazada will be the most favorable thing to do because the panoramic view of the Princes' Island will paint your eyes with the best colors!  

Kınalıada (Henna Island): The Closest Island To Istanbul 

Kınalıada (Henna Island), which gets its name from red soil, is the smallest of the Princes' Island! It's known that Kınalıada has hosted mostly Armenians in the past so that you can find traces of that culture. Kınalıada is a place where you can socialize with the locals; you can also swim in the serene waters of its bays and enjoy a 

peaceful day