That area is made lighter by a dome-shaped opening in the roof. In order to distinguish the entrance of the women, the women's part is distinct, has a smaller dome, and its main door opens directly to the street. A while back, this area of the hammam was converted into a storage space, while the area for males was transformed into a marketplace. Small shop windows were created out of the doors and walls.

The dome's area was repaired in 2008 in order to preserve it as a center for art and culture. The culture center's performance area now includes a circular glass dance floor and a musician's stage beneath the tall dome ceiling to display some of the best regional customs. There are 220 seats available for the audience around the elliptical glass dance floor. This makes the historic location ideal for illustrating a very unique tradition.

What Events Can We Attend There?hodjapasha-culture-center

The Whirling Dervishes Live Show is the first important event; it is a spiritual quest for heavenly love. The Sema ceremony is an incredible experience of music and movement that explores man's spiritual rise to "perfection" through thought and love. Books, informational displays on dervishes and their rituals, and items from their world, including clothes, musical instruments, and personal tools, are all included in the exhibition.

This one-of-a-kind display also includes interactive Rumi poems and Sufi music samples, dervish statues in a hyperrealist style, and video performances. There is a free multilingual pamphlet available, and it is important to be aware that children younger than 6 years old are not permitted, that photography is not permitted and that it is best to arrive at least 30 minutes before the show to prepare and enjoy a complimentary beverage. The show lasted around an hour and cost adults 22 dollars and kids 16 dollars. It is offered every day.

The second major event at Hodjapasha is the Rhythm of the Show Dance, which is presented on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. It is a fun ethnic dance that combines belly dance and Turkish dance with 360-degree visual elements. Since 2010, it has been broadcast more than 1200 times. The performance lasts for almost 65 minutes and features unusual belly dances as well as attractive traditional dances. The rhythm is also followed by the fire effects and presentations, which is really fun. Additionally, the price—$28 for adults and $19 for kids—is reasonable. Before the performance, there are free refreshments available, and flash photography is permitted.

Last but not least, The White Rose Dance Show is a dramatic dance performance that combines Ottoman and contemporary dances with breathtaking 360-degree effects. The moniker White Rose refers to the emancipated Ottoman concubine who had a remarkable love affair with the Dutch Consul in the 18th century. Private viewings of this performance can be arranged

Frequently Asked Question

How long will the display be open before the Whirling Dervish performance?
About 30 minutes prior to your presentation, you must arrive.
Does Hodjapasha have parking spots available?
No, it's on a small road, but you can leave your car at the neighboring train station.
Is photography permitted there?
The performance is not open to photography.