Exhibits In The Museum 


This museum, which is a tourist attraction in Istanbul that you don’t want to miss with no doubt, has 4 separate rooms and 9 different facilities. Here are the exhibitions at the Museum of Illusions Istanbul that will blow your mind with their diversity:

- Rooms: The moment you enter the rooms, it will make you feel like you have been teleported to a different world like Alice. The spaces that look like ordinary rooms from the outside, together with masterfully designed mind games, offer pleasant moments to their visitors. 

  1. Rotated Room: A room that you can and have to stand bent 90 degrees.
  2. The Vortex Tunel: You may find it difficult to walk in this unique room, but actually everything is in your imagination.
  3. Infinity Room: A room that resembles a wonderland which you can’t figure out where it begins and ends, created with optical illusion.
  4. Ames Room: Every kid wanted to grow up as soon as possible once. You can grow or shrink in a short time in this room.

- Installations: The regional facilities wherein the museum offers you funny images while confusing you. It will also make you question what you see in the real world.

  1. Tricky Stick: This area, which plays with your perception of space, offers an enjoyable view to watch.
  2. Turntables: It will take some time to get out of the hypnotic effect with black and white patterns and endless rings.
  3. Hollow Face Illusion: No matter how we look at it, the thought of being in a place where there are faces following us may seem frightening, but it is also an interesting fact.
  4. Rubin’s Vase: You can discover many faces hidden in this model, which consists of complex or bi-state shapes, developed by Danish psychologist Edgar Rubin in 1915.
  5. Head on the platter: As the name suggests, this region, where you will see ahead on the plate, will surprise you.
  6. Clone Table: You may have wished you had a twin who took your exams instead of you. There will be many of you at this table.
  7. Kaleidoscope: This region, created by visitors thanks to numerous mirrors, offers a colorful and continuously changing world of kaleidoscopes to its audience.
  8. Stereogram: Get ready to be surprised at this point where you'll be looking for a picture within a picture. If you can view correctly, inside each image is a hidden object which appears in 3D. 
  9. The Beuchet Chair Illusion: All you have to do to be a different person is to sit on this chair. By the chair which is first introduced by Psychologist Jean Beuchet in 1963, you will explore how a person’s size can change on the context by the surrounding objects, due to the laws of perception.

- Holograms: In here you can get ready to get to know the holograms we encounter every day even more closely. Holograms are amazing images which create 3D illusions as you may know. In the collection of the museum, you will find holographic portraits, horror-grams, and other images which are constantly transforming, appearing and disappearing before your eyes.

- Optical Illusions: You won't believe what you see with the tricks used in the optical illusion collection, where there are many Op art examples.

Photo Illusions: Background games created with cameras will make you feel like you are in a different world.

About The Smart Playroom and The Smart Shop

Museum of Illusions Istanbul aims to offer you, areas where you can have fun with the facilities it has in it. The museum also includes a room equipped with games that will make you think while having fun with your loved ones. In addition, there is a store with smart gifts that you can take with you as a souvenir or give to your friends when you leave the museum.

Museum of Illusions Istanbul allows you to take unlimited, quirky, and interesting photos, unlike the other museums. At the end of this adventure, you can take your fun moments with you. So as a recommendation, you shouldn’t forget to take your camera with you when you go the Museum of Illusions Istanbul - Anatolia. Also, if you want to visit another interesting and fun place in Istanbul, you can check Madame Tussauds Istanbul

Frequently Asked Question

Why Should I Visit the Museum Of Illusions Istanbul - Anatolia?
While you can have fun, you can discover realities that you may think that don’t exist even at the same time. Museum of Illusions Istanbul offers the opportunity to host you as a group, it can also host birthday celebrations and company events. All you need to do to access such opportunities is to make a reservation 14 days in advance.
What Is the Price of the Tickets To the Museum Of Illusions Istanbul - Anatolia?
With Istanbul Tourist Pass, you won’t have to pay for tickets to the museum.
Will I Have to Wait In Line To Visit the Museum Of Illusions Istanbul - Anatolia?
In normal circumstances, yes. Since it is a museum sample attracting worldwide attention, encounters an intense interest. But you have always the chance to skip all the lines by using Istanbul Tourist Pass.
Opening Hours of the Museum Of Illusions Istanbul - Anatolia
Museum of Illusions Istanbul is open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day.