About Boyacikoy

If you're wondering "What is Boyacikoy," it's a little district in Sariyer that got its name since Selim III settled a lot of fabric painters in this area. In those days, Turks predominated in Boyacikoy's lower areas, while Armenians and Greeks predominated in areas closer to the coast. This fact is plainly apparent in the various styles of historic houses throughout the entire area.

As soon as you arrive, the first thing you'll notice is how quiet these streets are in comparison to the rest of Istanbul. The streets will be lined with various ancient homes, mansions, and pavilions, representing the most significant moments in Boyacikoy's history. Others of them have been renovated and restored, so they bear less resemblance to the old Ottoman homes, but some of them have managed to maintain their original form to this day, which is pretty astonishing.

A few notable historical objects and structures are also present. There are a few fountains that date back to the 19th century, including the Kanlikavak Fountain, the Sirin Street Fountain, and the Mahmud II Han Square Fountain. The renowned Ozdemir Sabanci Emirgan Anatolian High School is also nearby. Another wonderful location to check out is the Surp Yerits Mangants Armenian Church, which is a warm and tranquil location close to Boyacikoy's center.

You'll notice as you explore more of the Boyacikoy that many of the houses that were built later attempted to resemble the older homes. In comparison to most of Istanbul's streets, there are also a lot more kids playing in the streets here. This is due to the fact that this area still has a few roads that aren't used by cars and a few vacant lots or houses with gardens that enable kids to play in them.

Where Is Boyacikoy?

One of Istanbul's oldest communities, Emirgan, Sarıyer, is where Boyacikoy is situated. Despite not being in a highly central position, there are numerous methods to get there. The buses 22RE, 25E, 22, 40, 40T, 42T, EL2, and 59RH all stop at the closest bus stop, Emirgan. Use the ferry lines if you do not want to take the chance of getting caught in traffic. Ferries arrive at Emirgan Ferry Station from Istinye, Kanlca, Kandilli, Anadoluhisar, Bebek, Arnavutkoy, and Cengelkoy. 

Other Attractions Near Boyacikoy

Boyacikoy is located in Sariyer, which may give the impression that there aren't many tourist sites around, although this is untrue. The first site you must go to after leaving Boyacikoy is Borusan Contemporary. Although this structure is officially the Perili Kosk office of Borusan Holding, you can visit it on weekends to view a variety of exhibitions, events, educational opportunities, and artworks. Its structure is equally stunning: Perili Kosk (Haunted Mansion). This well-known structure has intriguing stories hidden within its walls in addition to gorgeous architecture close to the Bosphorus.

Visit Sakip Sabanci Museum, one of Istanbul's top private art museums, if you're not pleased with the amount of art you've taken at Borusan. There are countless collections here, ranging from uncountable works of great art to numerous archeological and historical items. If you can catch the museum presenting numerous conferences and cultural events at the proper time, that is. Like Turkish writing? You've probably heard of Tevfik Fikret, a well-known Turkish poet. Did you know that in 1945, his Besiktas home was converted into a museum? Asiyan Museum is a gateway opening to the history of Turkish literature, housing numerous pieces of Tevfik's personal work as well as a few relics from other well-known Turkish authors

Frequently Asked Question

What city is Boyacikoy?
Boyacikoy is located in Emirgan, Sarıyer, one of Istanbul's oldest neighborhoods.
Is it congested?
When compared to the rest of Istanbul, these streets are remarkably peaceful, which is the first thing you'll notice.
What other attractions are there close to Boyacikoy?
After leaving Boyacikoy, you really must visit Borusan Contemporary.