Bagdat Street in Istanbul

What is Bagdat Street and where is it?

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Bagdat Street in Istanbul

What is Bagdat Street and where is it?
Bagdat Caddesi (Avenue) is a notable high street located in the Anatolian side of Istanbul near to Kadiköy. It runs about 14 km. it runs in the district of Maltepe in Kadiköy almost parallel to the Sea of Marmara. The most important part of the street is a one-way traffic, which is 6 km long from Bostancı to Kızıltoprak, it can be seen as the same importance of Istiklal Street in Taksim in the European side in terms of glamour. You can head to Bagdat street using the M2 metro line from Taksim Square to Marmaray train line which takes off and arrives near Bostancı, or you can take a Dolmuş (Mini-bus) which takes off from Şişli and heads directly to Bagdat Street.

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The one-way avenue is filled with old trees, shopping malls, shopping stores, fashion stores, local and international cuisine restaurants, luxury car dealers and banks. It is considered to be a very important vital part of Kadiköy. You can consider it as a big open-air mall with its shopping stores and restaurants while you can walk around do shopping and have some fun. Most of the stores are available and open all week days and weekends even Sunday’s afternoon. Bagdat Avenue hosts the Republic Day of Turkey which is celebrated every year on October 29th. As Taksim Square which considered to be the celebration place in the European side, Bagdat Avenue is considered to be the celebration place in the Anatolian side.
In the summer and weekends the sideways of the avenue get crowded with the people shopping and walking around, traffic there is almost a standard situation in Bagdat Avenue.
It is worth to mention that the Bagdat Avenue is used since 1960s as a race street, the racers used to import their muscle cars and start to race in that street. Nowadays the international bike marathon gets cross Bagdat Street too.


What and where to eat in Bagdat Street?

The first recommended restaurant is Mandela Street Food Bar, which is featured mostly in its amazing yummy burgers. The food menu is pretty nice, with its amazing avocado toast to omelets, pancakes, burger variations, even tacos and vegetarian dishes. The bar menu is very good too, the restaurant serves bear, tea and Turkish coffee species, vodka kinds and wines and a lot of colorful cocktails too. The cost may vary Mandela Restaurant depending on your goal there but in average it cost around 180 T.L for two people (including alcohol), a very good amazing high recommended place in Bagdat Street.
Secondly, for pizza lovers, Vapiano is an Italian high recommended pizza restaurant with a lot of views and good reputation. The menu is filled with pizza kinds and extras, also the bar menu is precious too, it contains red wine and white drinks. A great combination and tasty food. The cost for two people in average including alcohol is around 200 TL.
The third restaurant is Happy Moon’s restaurant, it is around 15 minutes walking away from our Bagdat Avenue, it is a very good restaurant with a lot of possibilities (Turkish Breakfast, seashore view, car park, Full bar and an outside area).  The cost for two people if they want to have some alcohol drinks is about 210 TL by average.

What to do in and around Bagdat Street?

Being in Bagdat Street in the Anatolian side without walking to Maltepe Seashore is almost impossible. The seashore is only 7 minutes away from Bagdat Avenue, you can go there and enjoy the view at the sunset while having some soft drinks too!
There is also Maltepe Park Shopping Center, which is a very huge shopping center, it has 240 marka shops, a food court that has a capacity for 2000 people, 36 restaurants and cafes, a very big Carrefour hypermarket, Cinema, and a big car park that can receive around 3500 cars. Maltepe Park Shopping Center often has some activities like children theatre every Saturday, children entertainment every Sunday, some food festivals as well. So, consider maybe going to the big mall first park your car there, and head to Bagdat street after to enjoy quality walk and find some restaurant to enjoy your meal at!

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Brandon - June 10, 2019

If you have belief, Chalcedon area will satisfy you. However lunch was delicious.

Marc - May 06, 2019

We went to Moda Bay. A few kids were swimming there. We also used the Marmaray Train. Under the Bosphorus. Will be a nice memery.

Alexander - April 09, 2019

I already read much things about Istanbul s highlight areas. All of them was mentioning about the Old City of Istanbul. That s ok, there are a lot of historical heritages but know this there is another living part of the city. Asian side.

Caleb - February 01, 2019

Very good guide

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