Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University is a prestigious place of education that was established in the 19th century and is still growing. Another university that focuses on a specific branch of science is the Istanbul Technical University, which is the third-oldest technical institution in the world that focuses on engineering sciences. The symbol of this university is a bee to imply the hard-working condition of the university members, and the rankings of the university in international areas show that their choice of symbol is on point. The best university in Turkey, Boğaziçi University is another public place of education that offers graduate degrees with its six institutes. 

The higher education Boğaziçi University offers has a variety of options from earthquake engineering to English literature. These three universities show some of the highest-ranking institutions in Istanbul that preside over definite branches of science, but there are many more institutions in the city that offer higher education close to the levels of these universities. Other institutions and their subjects include law, business, sociological studies, industrial engineering and such.  


  • High-ranking university institutions.
  • Historical universities that still thrive.
  • Universities that focus on a definite branch of science.
  • Numerous subjects.
  • Many institutions to choose from.

There are many people in Istanbul, and there are many universities to meet their needs. The universities of Istanbul are prepared for the next chapter of your education life with their institutions that generally focus on a particular subject. You can choose to continue your higher education at Istanbul Technical University in order to focus on technical sciences. As the world’s third oldest technical institution, Istanbul Technical University proves that you are in good hands with its awards and rankings in international areas. If you want to pursue your higher education in fine arts or engineering, Istanbul is still the right place for you as the city has an answer for all your wants and needs. Look at credible international university rankings to see the success rates of the universities in Istanbul, and choose your institution to continue your education

Frequently Asked Question

Do universities in Istanbul offer higher education?
Yes, most of the universities in Istanbul offer bachelor’s degrees that can be followed by master’s degrees and Ph.D. through the education offered in their institutions.
What can I study in Istanbul’s institutions?
There are 57 universities in Istanbul, and most of these universities have institutions for higher education. Thanks to the number of universities, there is a variety of institutions that change from engineering to foreign languages and literature.
Is the education offered in Istanbul institutions of good quality?
Many of the universities in Istanbul have high places in international university rankings. Istanbul is the house of some of the best universities in Turkey, and some of these universities date back to prior centuries. In addition to their age, some of the institutions in Istanbul still follow European ways of education as an homage to their establishments.