Istanbul has 57 universities with numerous fields of study, and applying to these universities is very simple thanks to the hard work of governmental bodies and the staff of these universities. In order to apply to universities in Istanbul as an international student, the student must be in contact with the Council of Higher Education in Turkey. This body of the government presides over higher education in the country, that is the universities. The Council of Higher Education demands an Equivalency Letter so as to recognize the former diplomas of the student that were obtained abroad. For the student to apply for a bachelor’s degree, they are expected to work with the Ministry of National Education so that their high school diplomas will be recognized. 

The process of diploma evaluation can be an easy step in your plans to study abroad with the help of the Turkish Embassy located near your main address as the main purpose of this process is to make sure that you have had an education from a recognized and accredited educational institution. For the diploma evaluation, you are expected to present certain documents the educational authorities demand from you such as your diplomas, transcripts, copies of the pages of your passport as well as proof of your planned study in Turkey, that is, your admission letter.


  • Help from the Turkish Embassies in your country.
  • Direct relations with the Council of Higher Education in Turkey.
  • Direct help from the Ministry of National Education of Turkey.
  • Easy steps of document assembly.
  • Experienced universities that help their international students.

Istanbul offers great opportunities for those who wish to study abroad. However, there are some boring steps before coming to Istanbul to study and enjoy this magical city fully. One of these steps is the diploma evaluation process. The authorities in Turkey need to see that your former education in your home country is compatible with the education in Turkey for you to attend the university you have chosen. There are two governmental bodies working on this subject. 

The Ministry of National Education of Turkey works on the Equivalency Letter of your high school education, and the Council of Higher Education in Turkey works on the documents and diploma you have obtained from your former university for your bachelor’s or master’s degrees. These governmental bodies wait for you to get in contact with them so as to start your document assembly process which will result in a magical time studying in Istanbul

Frequently Asked Question

What is diploma evaluation?
Diploma evaluation is a process that is run by governmental bodies in Turkey to decide whether your former education is compatible with the higher education universities offer in Turkey.
Who should I contact with diploma evaluation for studying in Turkey?
For the diploma evaluation process, you should contact your former education institution, the Turkish Embassy near your main address, the Ministry of National Education of Turkey for high school-related recognitions and evaluations, and the Council of Higher Education in Turkey for your diplomas obtained abroad.
What does the university I plan to attend do in this process?
The university you are going to attend presents you with an admission letter which is demanded by the governmental bodies in the process of diploma evaluation.