This program is also known as the undergraduate program, and the student is awarded a bachelor’s degree when they graduate. Pharmacy, veterinary medicine, and dentistry programs require five years of study, whereas medical school requires six years. After the undergraduate period, students can apply to the next step, the master’s degree. It’s a program that generally lasts 2 years and the program may require a thesis, according to the field of study and the university. Graduating from the master’s degree program grants the student the title of MA or MSc, based on their program. Finally, the student can apply for Ph.D. for the title of doctor in their studies. Ph.D. degrees require writing and defending a dissertation. The program generally lasts for 8 semesters and ends with the defending of the dissertation. As it is understood from above, Turkey is a part of the Bologna three-cycle system with the degrees it offers.


  • Four types of degrees.
  • Study periods depending on the student, varying from 2 years to four years.
  • Bologna three-cycle system.
  • Universities that offer Ph.D. degrees.
  • Vocational school opportunities for higher education.

After high school graduation, the main way to go is generally a university. For higher education, Istanbul is a very good city as it offers many types of higher education with its 57 universities. The city not only offers universities but there are also vocational schools of higher education. Many universities in Istanbul offer associate’s degrees, and as a part of the Bologna three-cycle system, you can apply for bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees as well. You can begin your journey of higher education with the four years of the bachelor’s degree; continue up to the master’s degree, write a thesis if your program requires it; and apply for Ph.D. for a doctorate title. Istanbul is filled with universities that are willing to guide you in your journey to higher education

Frequently Asked Question

What is higher education?
Higher education is the continuation of school life after graduating high school. It gives the students proficiency in the field they choose to study.
Are universities the only option for higher education?
No, there are many vocational schools of higher education that offer 2-year programs.
What is the bologna three-cycle system?
Bologna's three-cycle system is the type of education the universities offer across Europe and associate countries. It begins with the bachelor’s degree, continues with the master’s degree, and ends with the Ph.D. degree, completing a three-cycle education in roughly 10 years.