Topkapı Palace was started to use as museum after the announcement of Republic of Turkey which is on 3 April 1924.Another important feature of Topkapı palace was that it is the first museum of Turkish Republic.

Topkapi Palace is always crowded and interesting attraction point which attracts tourists from all around the world and has a huge interest and impact on tourists visited it ,Topkapi Palace is also a common point to visit people who lives in Turkey and visiting Istanbul , and also for the ones who wants to see and discover the history of Ottoman Empire and more about the history , because Topkapi Palace is hosting so many important  collections, architectual buildings and approximately 300.000 archive documents . This richness of Tapkapi Palace makes it an attraction point for its visitors and another feature which improve its importance is Topkapi Palace is one of the biggest palace museums.

How to visit Topkapi Palace ?Visitors can reach the Topkapi Palace by walking alongside the Hagia Sophia because these two important building is so close to each other in terms of location.

Sections Of Topkapi Museum:

Do you want to look from close to the history of Topkapi Palace Topkapi Palace has 15 different section which can be listed like the first , second,third and fourth courts , middle gate ,the kitchens ,the hall of Divan, the tower of justice , the armoury,the gate of Felicity, the Throne room ,the customes ,the treasury ,the miniature painting collection ,the clocks ,the pavilion of the Blessed Mantle ,Mecidiye Pavillon , Iftariye and Baghdad Pavilion ,The Harem.

Visitors first see the entrance of Topkapi Palace which is called as first courtyard , here Imperial Gate is waiting for its visitors after that stone niches was there. The aim of stone niches was to display the severed heads of criminals.This gate was open to the public , people can come and give their petitions to government offices in the courtyard.

Then , a castle was standing in front of its visitors which is called as Gate of Salautation,the interesting story of this gate that only Sultans allowed to ride through on horseback , other people needed special permission to enter .

After passing the second courtyard , the Tower of Justice is one of the most hilarious thing to focus.There is also Imperial Divan which was being used to make deicisons about and for the empire.Interesting point is that the Sultan did not chaired these meetings , instead of joining and chairing the meetings , he was just listening behind the gold screen at the back of chamber. If the decision was not accepted by the Sultans , they would close the curtain or tap on the screen in order tol et them know that he was disaggreed with the decision that they took.

Another side of the Imperial Divan there is the Treasury Building which is now being used as a museum to Show Ottoman weapons and armors , it was being used to record the expenses and treasuries of the empire which is recorded by the responsible people.

Another point of Topkapi  Palace is gate of Felicity which takes place at the end of the courtyard, has been hosting the Sultans of Ottoman Empire while the ceremonial occasions were being showned , Sultans sat down there and watch the ceremonial occasions.In front of this gate there is a small stone which was used to display the Sancakı Serif or the standard of the Prophet Muhammad , before the army and the Sultans went to war against the enemies of themselves.

Finally , opposite side of the Imperial Divan , delicious smells of georgous Ottoman foods were spreading ,these foods were varying from all kind of desserts to meals which was being prepared very talented cookers of Ottoman Empire.These meals were being prepared for around 5.000 palace staff everyday.Moreover on the days of religious holidays or celebrations that number reach and exceed 15.000.

The Harem is another part of Topkapı Palace , maybe one of the most mysterious part of palaces were harems ib the past because many kinds of trick and plans were made here to get power and be the one of the most loved woman by the Sultans . Entrance of the harem has a small door which is located to the Imperial Divan.The name of the door was Carriage Gate which comes from the tradition of the women of Ottoman empire were turning back from the holiday by carriage would enter through this door.